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  1. Took me a minute to track this down, but checking the box in Tools preferences to enable Dial support causes the program to crash whenever a document is loaded or created. In lamen's terms: This: <EnableRadialControllerSupport>True</EnableRadialControllerSupport> Causes the app to crash.
  2. Ok, I found the problem. The issue is that I enabled use mouse wheel to zoom. Unfortunately, it doesn't differentiate between the mouse wheel and touchpad gestures. I consider this to be a bug.
  3. Just Affinity. Specifically, just Photo. It works fine in Designer and Publisher.
  4. Somehow my trackpad pinch to zoom and two-finger gestures have reversed. Pinch to zoom now scrolls the canvas vertically, and two-finger swipes zoom in/out. What the heck did I do, and how do I fix it? Photo Windows 10 x64
  5. Ah. Probably happened when I resized the canvas. Still, it's odd that it prints when vector and not raster. I digress; that's not related to the dashed line.
  6. Rasterizing it caused the line to print as dashed. There were other issues, though (like the top line not printing). I printed a copy without rasterizing it, and the top line printed, but the dashed line was solid again.
  7. How bizarre. That's exactly the part that is printing as a solid line for me. I have no explanation for this, outside of maybe something with the printer driver.
  8. In both tests, the dashed line printed successfully. I've attached the file in which I am having an issue. dashed line.afdesign
  9. In Designer, I created a dashed line, then printed it. The printed line was solid.
  10. And this workflow doesn't seem the least bit insane to you...?
  11. Ah, ok. That works. It's pretty counter-intuitive, but it solves my problem. I don't suppose it's too much to ask for a way to specify a ratio, rather than a pixel size? Say I want to select a 4x3 box, but I don't know what pixel dimensions?
  12. Yep; I think you're misunderstanding. Let's say I have a photo, and I want to select a 100px x 100px area of that photo. I have no way to precisely do that. I would like to be able to specify in the marquee tool that I would like that exact pixel size of a selection.
  13. When using the rectangular marquee tool, sometimes I know the exact pixel dimensions that I need to be selecting. I would like to have the ability to specify a selection box size and/or ratio, rather than simply dragging an area.
  14. I am having the same issue as well. Windows 10 with a 4k laptop display (200%) and an external display 3440x1440 (100%).
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