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  1. Ah. Probably happened when I resized the canvas. Still, it's odd that it prints when vector and not raster. I digress; that's not related to the dashed line.
  2. Rasterizing it caused the line to print as dashed. There were other issues, though (like the top line not printing). I printed a copy without rasterizing it, and the top line printed, but the dashed line was solid again.
  3. How bizarre. That's exactly the part that is printing as a solid line for me. I have no explanation for this, outside of maybe something with the printer driver.
  4. In both tests, the dashed line printed successfully. I've attached the file in which I am having an issue. dashed line.afdesign
  5. In Designer, I created a dashed line, then printed it. The printed line was solid.
  6. And this workflow doesn't seem the least bit insane to you...?
  7. Ah, ok. That works. It's pretty counter-intuitive, but it solves my problem. I don't suppose it's too much to ask for a way to specify a ratio, rather than a pixel size? Say I want to select a 4x3 box, but I don't know what pixel dimensions?
  8. Yep; I think you're misunderstanding. Let's say I have a photo, and I want to select a 100px x 100px area of that photo. I have no way to precisely do that. I would like to be able to specify in the marquee tool that I would like that exact pixel size of a selection.
  9. When using the rectangular marquee tool, sometimes I know the exact pixel dimensions that I need to be selecting. I would like to have the ability to specify a selection box size and/or ratio, rather than simply dragging an area.
  10. I am having the same issue as well. Windows 10 with a 4k laptop display (200%) and an external display 3440x1440 (100%).
  11. So, haven't heard back from the guy, but I did just download the file without Defender getting upset at me. Maybe give it another shot?
  12. Yeah, I just tried to grab the copy off their website and got the same thing. Scanning my previously installed copy reveals no trojan. I'll talk to the dev and see if he's aware of the issue.
  13. Oh! That's good to know. Yes, I do. It manages my window snapping in a more reasonable manner on my 21:9 display. I'll check for an update from them. If nothing else, I can disable the program when I need to move panels around. Thanks for the excellent sleuth work!
  14. The reference is 248ec4b2-6553-4954-9c00-98f7a4e9b1ad