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  1. Hello all, HALLELUJAH! It works! The solution for me was to run that Microsoft Add/Remove Programs troubleshooter. It detected Affinity, and uninstalled it successfully. That then allowed me to run the Affinity installer and install it flawlessly. I also downloaded the Revo Uninstaller while I was waiting on the troubleshoooter, Revo showed Affinity and I'm sure it would have uninstalled it successfully if the Microsoft one hadn't. Thank you all for your help, Callum
  2. Hmmm... I'm not sure I can change the boot sequence very easily on this laptop. It was a custom laptop from PCSpecialist in 2014. If I do go with that option, I'd probably do a reset from within the Windows settings. Any other suggestions to install Affinity? I checked the virtualstore folder, nothing related to Affinity in there unfortunately
  3. That sounds like a better idea. I still might reinstall Windows in the future though, as I've seen so many problems with iTunes in particular on this system (duplicate audio tracks on my families' 60GB+ song library), as well as other things. I installed Affinity a while back, when I restore, I presume it reverts everything back to as it was when Affinity was installed? I mean, will I lose games and files I have downloaded since the install?
  4. UPDATE: Ran CCleaner, nothing has changed. Same error message. Thinking I'm going to have to reinstall Windows. Should I reset and keep data, or clean install Windows? I have a Windows 8.1 key on the bottom of this laptop, how can I clean install using that if I need to?
  5. Oh my god, haha! I didn't even see the part saying it was for Windows 2000. Yeah, I'm using Windows 10. I'll give CCleaner a shot and see if it works. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Hello, I've run the .reg file, and it everything seemed to go well, no error messages there. After re-trying the "affinity-designer-1.5.3.exe" file I downloaded from your website, I still get the same error as before. I think there must be either remains of Affinity on my system, or the installer is just not co-operating. Do you know where I could start looking for any rogue affinity files? I've already searched the whole of my Program Files folder and Program Files x86.
  7. I see, sorry for pushing this issue it's just I need this for my work. Strange that such a large company like Serif only has one member of staff working weekends. Thanks for the help so far though.
  8. Well, I must say this is extremely disappointing. I was hoping a moderator would actually talk to me about my problem, not good first impressions here.
  9. UPDATE: I tried uninstalling Affinity Designer manually from the registry using this guide: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/247501/how-to-manually-remove-programs-from-the-add-remove-programs-list Still not luck. It thinks there is still the older version installed.
  10. "The older version of Affinity Designer cannot be removed. Please contact your technical support group." - just as before
  11. Hello Callum, I'm Callum! Thanks for the reply. I tried as you've said, but when I download the installer from the "Downloads and product keys" section of my account and run it, there is no option to repair Affinity. Have I got the correct installer?
  12. Hello, I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this, but here we go: A while back I started getting notifications telling me my version of Affinity Designer was out of date. I currently have version Upon trying to update, it encountered an error. If I try to uninstall, it says "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package". I went into my C: drive and deleted all signs of "Affinity". When I try to install Affinity, I get "The older version of Affinity Designer cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group". Presumably, Affinity is still installed. How do I uninstall it completely now?
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