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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply! It seems what you described is what I do everytime I draw a circle. Here, I'm looking to drag one of the dragging points of the circle so it snaps the point I'm targetting - see image below. Problem is the circle is only snapping at points on the horizontal or vertical axis. Or I'm definitely missing something... Another way would be to rotate the segment around the center of the circle to the horizontal axis so I can define the radius of my circle, but I cannot snap the horizontal guide when I rotate the segment...
  2. Hi, I'd like to draw a circle from a center to an extremity of a line that is neither vertical or horizontal - see attached. I'm able to center the circle where I want but fail to snapp the extremity of the line when I enlarge the circle, holding cmd+shift. Any solutions? is there a way to draw a circle like with a compass, meaning one point is the center of the circle and the other point is the extremity of the radius of this circle, both points being able to be snapped? If not, a "compass" tool where one can draw a circle by snapping 2 points, the circle center and the extremity of a radius, would be VERY VERY handy! Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I'd like to project a logo on a surface. I know what I want in my mind, just have a hard time finding the right tool in AD. It seems AD can do it, at least that's what the supercool AD 1.5 overview vid shows at around 1:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLqlFpfHO30 Is there any tutorial that shows how to do so? Thanx!
  4. thanks guys. one can enter X Y Z coordinates of the rotation center in all CAD software I know ... Think it would be very handy for AD. Thanks Gdenby, that's the method I'm using. A bit long compare to what I was used to ;)
  5. Guys, since it's somewhat tricky to accurately locate the rotation center, it would be nice if the user could enter its X,Y coordinates, same as autocad / catia / solidworks... Cheers!
  6. Hi gdenby, thanks a lot for your answer. I was able to draw one similar to that one. The thing is I'd like to dra a curvy one. I'm trying with circles and ellipses, and I'm struggling...
  7. Hi there, i'm trying to design a nice curvy hour glass in AD, which ends to be way more difficult than with other software for me. With 3D software I could draw a quarter of the hour glass, make an horizontal symmetry and then rotate around the vertical axis and done. With AD I have difficulties adding or substracting elements, plus I've hard times with drawing symmetrical curves with the pen tool.... Any good tips I take! Thanks for your help! El Gringotte
  8. Hi Meb, thanks a lot for your prompt reply, it works indeed. I had tried the conical gradient but with a different result. Guess I didn't try enough. Indeed it would be great to have gradients follow any path. I'm sure it will come out sometime, somewhere. AD is already a great product !
  9. Hi here, I've created a donut and I'm trying to make a linear gradient that would follow the shape of the circle/donut. I've tried all the gradient options in AD without success. As a solution, I'm thinking about making a rectangle with the linear gradient I want and tranforming the rectangle into the donut I want. If anyone has a better solution, please let me know. - hoping I was clear enough. Cheers,
  10. Guys, I would need some help here as I try to horizontally auto-distribute 3 text containers. What I do. I select my 3 containers. I click on the arrange button. I click on the align horizontally / align centre button. So far so good. Then I select Align to spread. And there, the auto-distribute is checked, BUT I cannot access the pixel box. Both pixel box and auto-distribute are dark grey. I would appreciate your help as I am fed-up having to align manually each time :) Cheers,
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