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    ="Leo" got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Design Crashing when Slice panel is selected   
    Thank you, did that, v1.7.3 is the fix. Finally....
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    ="Leo" reacted to MEB in Affinity Designer, Export Persona: Wrong Size, Unable to change   
    Hi ="Leo",
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Neither the artboard nor the grouped objects have integer values. Check the screen capture below - notice the values in the Transform panel - you have to fix the decimal parts both for the X, Y coordinates and width/height (in this particular case - the purple one - the Y coordinates are correct/integer values):

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    ="Leo" got a reaction from SrPx in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    the beta is waaay more stable than the regular version when it comes to documents with a lot of layers. You should definitely update the regular version.

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