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  1. In V1 the behaviour with linked Photo-files was like this: When I changed e.g. some text in the linked file within publisher by double-clicking on it the text only disappeared in the pubisher document, but not in the original Photo-file - I liked that, because I often have to modify a Photo-file in the background but not the original file. In V2 the behaviour is opposite: The original file is altered, but the appearance in Publisher stays the same - I have to manually replace the linked file with itself. Don't know if this is intended but I don't like it.
  2. Oh yes, a proper equation editor would allow me to leave MS Word and MathType behind. It would really be great to have on in AffPub and/or AffDes!
  3. All right, this seems to be no common issue. Here is a document I just created (AD 1.8.5703 on Win 10 Home 64 Bit). Test-Empty-Document.afdesign
  4. No problem, I'm just curious: When I open Designer and create a new file, the empty file is about 1.3MB large when I save it. When I open Photo and create a new file with the same dimensions, open the file instantly in Designer and save it as *.afdesign, the file is under 100KB large - more than 10 times less. I don't understand this. Is there any explanaition for this huge difference? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I am very impressed by Affinity Photo, it is quite usable and powerful. I would like to switch from Photoshop (I still use CS 5.1). But sadly, there is one heavy issue (for my purposes) I experienced (AP, Windows): When I use the Shadows/Highlights-Filter in AP the result is visible much worse than the result (with the same parameters) in PS. The colours are washed out, as you can see in the attached Photo (look at the "dark" grass). In PS the colours seem to be much more natural. My suggestion is to implement a saturation gain in the Shadows when the Shodows/Highlights-Filter is used. I experimented a little bit and that seems to be the point. Thank you for your great work!
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