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  1. scotthampton

    Not Satisfied with Affinity Photo on iPad

    Hi Dan C. I'm sorry I didn't provide more detail. I'm shooting in uncompressed RAW on a Fuji X-T20. The files are ~50MB (I certainly miss the 8MB of my Canon 20D!). I will certainly provide more detailed imagery for you when I get back. Thanks, Scott
  2. scotthampton

    CMYK Output

    Thank you all!
  3. scotthampton

    CMYK Output

    Thanks, Gabe! Thank you! Is there a trial version available?
  4. Hi, I've been using Photo on iPad for a few months and am not satisfied. I've tried editing RAW files from a Fuji X-T20 and find that adjusting highlights leaves them nowhere near acceptable. They quickly blow out without usable detail. Raw Power does a much better job, and for those who are familiar, it doesn't have as many options as Affinity Photo. Photos for iOS does an immensely better job of adjusting the color out of all three, and it comes with it's own unique set of issues. I'm aware that X-Trans files have been known to be problematic in the decode, so I tried adjusting some of my older files from Canon—6D, 60D, 20D, and Rebel XT. Everything Affinity Photo edits on iPad has the same blown highlights and flat color. Has anyone else had and overcome this issue? I'd be happy to learn form others and make life easier for editing, if it's at all possible. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm interested in Affinity Photo on the desktop to supplement my workflow (I do not have or use Adobe software and will not be renting any). I work mostly in the RGB color space and occasionally need to send files for printing offset in CMYK. Can Photo convert an image (TIFF) to CMYK? Thanks!
  6. scotthampton

    No accept button on RAW crop

    Thank you for the clarification. I've tried it now and it does indeed work.
  7. scotthampton

    No accept button on RAW crop

    For anyone else interested, I was confused as well and searched for an answer. Since RAW is non-destructive it appears that the Crop function won't work in the Develop Persona. After working on my file I Developed it and was able to freely crop in the Photos Persona. The Acceptance (check mark) and Rejection (X mark) buttons are present in the Crop tool in the Photos Persona, not the Develop Persona.