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  1. Hello, I'm sorry I didn't see the event. Is there a link where it can be seen? I'm very interested in the iPad version.
  2. Hi Dan. Not a problem. I can try one more time to send over a RAW file, if desired. Otherwise, letting the devs make a determination is fine, as well. I’m currently using another RAW editor on my iPad for daily needs and would still consider Affinity Photo for its extensive tools and features when the need arises. Thanks! Scott
  3. Did you get a chance to look and confirm? I could always resend…?
  4. FWIW, it looks like the files went up as JPGS…
  5. I sent two RAW files. Pay particular attention to the highlights, especially in the lip of the white coffee cup. Some may let those areas burn out to pure white but I don’t. I prefer to diffuse the light so there is some color information in the highlights, or turn the highlights down if I missed something live on set. The midtones still look lifeless, even with a Brightness adjustment and/or editing the tone curve. Also, these were quick snapshots. I didn’t bother with composition, white balance, spot metering, or anything else. Thanks, Scott
  6. Hi Dan. Thanks for chiming in again. I've had the issue with all of the RAWs, no matter what camera. They're all old files, of course. I don't have my Canon gear anymore, only Fuji. I did keep the old Canon files. I'm really surprised my files looked so lifeless when others' are amazing. Perhaps deleting the app and reinstalling may help…I don't know. Might be worth a try. I'll have to shoot a few new RAW files and upload them. I'll try to get to that today. I'll try to change the RAW settings back and forth in AP first, though. Thanks, Scott
  7. OK, I found it. This link ( ) took me there. Oddly, I had to open a JPG file because I didn’t get to the document icon with a RAW file. I don’t use JPGs in Affinity Photo so I wouldn’t have seen that. Thanks for pointing it out. My settings are the same. See attached.
  8. It’s been a while since I set up the app. Where do I find that setting? I don't see It when I click the gear icon. Please remind me. Thanks! Scott
  9. Hi, I moved my editing back to the desktop and used Luminar (2018 and 3) for a while and never got around to responding here. I've since started using Pixelmator Photo and decided to try Affinity Photo again. Every file I try working on exhibits the same weak, muddy midtones and the highlights are not handled well. I've attached a short video for reference. It's 720p so it won't be the sharpest video. Since the color is the main issue, the resolution shouldn't hinder you from seeing what I see. Basically, I imported an 8MB Canon 20D file that I shot years ago. I didn't do much editing, just adjust the white balance, a slight tweak to the exposure (which wasn't necessary because I used a light meter), and some highlight adjustments. The details in her white blouse were blown out quickly and her skin lacked life. The same file with the (same) adjustments in RAW Power looked remarkably different. I've since tried the same crude test with images from my 6D and Fuji X-T20. The same outcome. Please watch the movie. There's no audio and I didn't follow a script, I just tried to mimic the adjustments between the two apps. There are instances where I zoom in and pause so the detail can be seen. The highlights in her earring and blouse and shown, and you can see a clear difference in her skin. Around the 2:20 mark, I reverted the RAW file back. It wasn't a JPG, it's just that Photos for iOS had the file opened into the edit mode before so the JPG preview took priority. Once reverted the RAW was accessible. Let me know what you think. Perhaps there's something I'm doing that is incorrect. I'm open to feedback and pointers. Thanks, Scott ScottHampton720p.MOV
  10. Hi Dan C. I'm sorry I didn't provide more detail. I'm shooting in uncompressed RAW on a Fuji X-T20. The files are ~50MB (I certainly miss the 8MB of my Canon 20D!). I will certainly provide more detailed imagery for you when I get back. Thanks, Scott
  11. Thanks, Gabe! Thank you! Is there a trial version available?
  12. Hi, I've been using Photo on iPad for a few months and am not satisfied. I've tried editing RAW files from a Fuji X-T20 and find that adjusting highlights leaves them nowhere near acceptable. They quickly blow out without usable detail. Raw Power does a much better job, and for those who are familiar, it doesn't have as many options as Affinity Photo. Photos for iOS does an immensely better job of adjusting the color out of all three, and it comes with it's own unique set of issues. I'm aware that X-Trans files have been known to be problematic in the decode, so I tried adjusting some of my older files from Canon—6D, 60D, 20D, and Rebel XT. Everything Affinity Photo edits on iPad has the same blown highlights and flat color. Has anyone else had and overcome this issue? I'd be happy to learn form others and make life easier for editing, if it's at all possible. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'm interested in Affinity Photo on the desktop to supplement my workflow (I do not have or use Adobe software and will not be renting any). I work mostly in the RGB color space and occasionally need to send files for printing offset in CMYK. Can Photo convert an image (TIFF) to CMYK? Thanks!
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