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  1. Thanks - but I have to admit this is so counterintuitive. How user is supposed to control both opacity and noise of the colours if you can see one (and yes you can combine them when you toggle between).
  2. Hello, Since update I can't find noise filter for my color/gradients any ideas?
  3. Hello, I'm planning to switch from pc to mac - dropping everything related to design in windows. Is there a way to change my license from pc to mac?
  4. Where's the offset path feature, or aleast any news on if it ever comes?
  5. Hello, This is kinda driving me mad - i'm working on graphic with lots of details and i'm playing with colors a lot. Every time i want to color each part of my artwork, the color picker shows in the middle forcing me to manually move it to sideways so i can actually see my artwork Fix please
  6. Hello, I can't seem to find solution, even inside persona view. I've got an icon in the interface mockup I've made. I want to export it as .svg - I can't seem to be able to export anything other than artboard or some big chunks of slices that are not vector.
  7. Hello, I have explicitly selected options "show margins" in the view menu but they refuse to show. I have set the margins in document setup ofcourse.
  8. Hello, Simple request - when we chose text tool, mouse shows if we're about to make text area or simple text input. The same behaviour should come with shapes, For now users often have to make sure what shape we're gonna make.
  9. Found it :P - I swear it wasn't there the second I've checked - It's affinity designer although doesn't matter, thanks a lot :) Thanks for the tips as well, I'm aware of contracting, but I just hate clicking stuff, in this particular case I think, in a long term it takes more time (you have to find panel since it's position can move if u contract a lot and well click it for expanding). Just a Fun example - In AI I've made a workspace where all the panels are hidden and i just call them using shortcuts :P I mean there's still thin sidebar just in case. Too bad there's there is no thin version of sidebar in Affinity as well ;/
  10. Can't find it in keybind option and it's very useful for me in AI, because i often can't fit all the stuff in my workspace and some i use very occasionaly so I like to have them popping on key.
  11. Hello, I've got several items that i want to group up, in this example it's a table - when i group them up (using ctrl + g or group icon in top bar), some of them are cropped out and i have no idea why this is happening. Screenshot included.
  12. Hello, I think this could be awesome feature, If you could easly copy to clipboard current color (primary/border), like small icon next to it would make the deal, and if not - when u open color panel for certain color, a hex value could be already selected for easy copy.
  13. I've used AD for a longer while now and this "feature" is so annoying - I have to "manually" keep in track what tool (it was always subconcious) I'm in and it affects the flow of my work.
  14. Hello, When I'm in the move tool, when switching to hand tool (which i do often), pressing H again will get back to the last used option. For me it's very unintuitive, becase as power shortcut user i use them a lot switch between many options as well, I don't want to remember what option i just picked half second ago. Especially that i tend to double tap something on the keyboard which is maybe a bad habbit, but it causes me some frustrations ( again Hand tool example - and yeah i use holding spacebar as well in my workflow in case you wonder:P ). If there are good reasons to have this feature then it's fine for me, but ability to disable it in preferences would be great.
  15. Hello, I'm just starting out with Affinity (AI user), and i found some User Interface incosinstencies. One of them is checkbox and radio button behaviour: Case Example - Pen tool Some button groups Mode, behave like radio buttons - you can select only one of many, and one of them always has to be selected. Other button groups, like Snap, behave more like checkboxes, you can select many, you can select none. It would be great, if user interface would distinguish it. There are obviously no standard "web" form elements in main UI, but there are some ways to distinguish it - for example rounding corners of multiselect that is just "select one only" type.
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