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  1. A really, really handy and I'm sure often-used addition to the Text Context Toolbar would be a twin increase-decrease (up-down arrows) to change text point size, one point at a time. The current version's Text Context Toolbar uses such a control for the number of Columns. See uploaded image below. Same for line spacing and other numerical controls. Sure would be faster/easier than selecting the number and typing in another value. Great success using the current Beta. Also looking forward to being able to import, convert and use old InDesign files.
  2. I'm stumped about what should be a simple, straightforward process. I can't get my photos I've updated with new Resize Document settings to retain the new settings when saved. 1. Open a photo file in Affinity Photo 1.6.7: about 4-5MB, 72x72 dpi imported from digital camera to iMac (late 2015 running macOS Mojave 10.14.2). See Screen 1 attached. 2. Resize document dpi to 300, change dimension from pixels to inches and set size to around 8x6/6x8. Probably also make adjustments to the photo. See Screen 2. 3. Save the modified photo by pressing Cmd-S. The file name is no longer 'modified.' Close the file. See Screen 3. The file's metadata states that the pixel dimensions are still 72x72. So I re-open the photo file, check the Resize Document settings and, sure enough, none of the updated Resize settings have changed. This process repeats, regardless of the photo file. I even unlock the Background Layer containing the photo; same problem. Disregarding Einstein's advice, I repeat the process hoping for a different result. Don't have this problem with Photoshop or Photo Elements. What's going on? What am I doing wrong? Really appreciate your assistance.
  3. THRILLED to work with Publisher! Similar screen refresh issue when changing Preferences settings. First screen grab is the Preference window. Second screen grab when Preference window is closed.
  4. Hopefully, an illustration is also worth a thousand words: For any drawing used to construct or build an actual object: furniture specs, house floor plans, fences, back splash tile design, cabinetry, etc. I've used Intaglio for years specifically because it had a line dimension feature. Thank you for Designer and Photo. Waiting impatiently for Publisher. Then I'm free of you-know-who!
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