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  1. Today I saw something about a tutorial for using AP on an ipad; I saw it briefly and meant to come back to it and now can't find it. I think it was an email but if it was it's gone. It had 2 striking photos of a young woman and promised to show how they had been created. Can anyone tell me how to find this? Thanks
  2. Having a little trouble posting tonight; keep ending up with duplicate posts and can't find a way to delete them. Sorry.
  3. In PS I used File>duplicate often and your method seems like it would be more elegant than copying all the layers, but I am unable to find the "New document from snapshot button". Can you tell me where that is? Thanks
  4. Oh lord; I hate keyboard shortcuts. I'm a "mouse person," not a "keyboard person." In fact, my keyboard stays tucked up under the desktop when I'm editing. It seems like it would be so easy to put a tiny little icon near the color picker. But thank you for the info.
  5. This would be a whole lot easier if I knew what this thing is called but I don't so... On PS and the like, next to the little squares that let you set the foreground and background colors, there is a little icon with 2 fixed squares, one black and one white. You click on this to set the foreground/background to black/white. I assume AP has this ability but I sure can't find it. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks
  6. Looks like I found the problem: a little thing called FastPictureViewer. It was installed in the first Win8 system before AP, and I installed it in the second system after AP was working and before it stopped working. I uninstalled it from both systems and now AP seems to be fine. Thanks for your help.
  7. 6c129ec4-4987-4736-8db3-4bab3d348380.dmp 663b8b54-5506-4053-946c-b32e280c769c.dmp cdae3e4f-7ad0-48d9-97d1-fbcc3be04846.dmp I installed a different download of AP Trial onto another Windows 8 system. it ran fine for a day then gave me the crash reporter when I tried to start it. I'm attaching three crash reports.
  8. Okay, Lee, here it is. Thanks 8b82d88e-c34d-4977-a2ef-cce8d2aae51c.dmp
  9. Thinking I might have a bad download, I downloaded it again; it's back to just giving me the crash reporter.
  10. Thanks, Lee. I downloaded it just yesterday. When I tried what you suggested, it simply took an "unhandled exception," nothing more. By the way, I have un- and re-installed AP and it didn't help. Also, it's no longer showing the crash reporter, only the unhandled exception window.
  11. This is one of those long stories that you get from crazy people; sorry. First, the bottom line: I have a new Windows 8.1 system and downloaded the AP trial just to be sure it would run before buying it. But it crashes before even displaying the AP splash screen; I get the Crash Reporter that says AP has "unexpectedly quit." And here's the complete story: I tried AP before on Win7 but it wouldn't run because the Aero didn't work no matter what I did. So I downloaded a trial version of Win8 so I could try AP; it worked fine so I bought it (AP). In just a few days I developed a vision problem (possibly permanent) and couldn't use AP so I got a refund. sigh. So now, vision problem (sort of) worked out, I bought Win8 and I'm settled in with it so I tried the trial version of AP and it won't even start up, just gives me the crash reporter. If this matters, I have Win8 dual-booting with Win7 in the same machine I was using before. Is there possibly a cookie or something telling the trial that I've already run it, even though it was on Win7?
  12. There isn't one in that location with today's date on it. (There is one from 2 days ago and one from 4 days ago but not today.)
  13. I don't know whether this is helpful but if it's not feel free to say so. A while ago, while the pc was unattended, AP crashed. It had been running for only about 15 minutes and I came back to a blank screen with a small AP window in the corner and another blank window almost covering it up. In the lower right corner was this error window. There was no "crash reporter" that I saw.
  14. Ah! You're right, of course. :) I now have NI and NIK working. I also managed to install ProtraitPro, which was where I screwed things up before. Thanks a lot.
  15. Actually, I'm having the same problem with NeatImage and NIK: Under the Filters menu>Plugins>NeatImage> Reduce Noise v8, as it should be, but "Reduce Noise v8" is pale and doesn't work. I have the same problem with NIK plugins; it gets right to the end and shows all the filters but they're all pale and don't work. I've uninstalled and reinstalled NIK and NI with the same result. By the way, I installed these one at a time, not both together. When the first one didn't work I started over with the other one. I'm using a Dell desktop with an i7 cpu and 16Gb of RAM and Windows 10. Everything seems to work pretty well except for installing the plugins. Actually, when I first installed the AP trial I installed NIK and it worked but I somehow screwed it up trying to get other plugins to work and so I had to take them all out and start over. The fact is, getting plugins to work is the only problem I've had; I've been trying to get them to work on this machine for several days with no luck. IF IT MATTERS... I have Photoshop CS2 and PSElements 9 installed and they're both 32-bit programs (as far as I know) but I have both the 32 and 64-bit versions of NeatImage.
  16. I've looked in their forums and found quite a few people complaining about the problem but it seems like each case was caused by a different problem, and it was always something in Windows, not the hardware. But maybe I'll go back to them and check some more. Thanks for your time.
  17. It's the third in your list: the built-in graphics adapter is called HD4400. When I check for updates it says it's current. I read that if the driver version starts with 7 or higher it's aero-compatible; mine starts with 10. I've also tried it with an AMD Radeon 7570 adapter, which also has supposedly current drivers. I checked in the BIOS, there are only 2 settings having to do with graphics: You could choose either the built-in graphics or "auto" which is supposed to just decide for itself whether or not you're using a discrete adapter. I tried them both. I also found a setting for CPU XD, which (from what I can gather online) has to do with prohibiting some sorts of apps from running. But disabling it didn't change anything. Oh, and I updated the BIOS yesterday. Thanks
  18. I have a Dell Optiplex 9010 with Win7 Pro that was used in a corporate environment before i bought it 6 months ago. Aero has never worked in it and I assume it was disabled because of workplace policy. It has an i7 and 16 GB of RAM. I also have a desktop with Win7 home and the aero works fine there, but aside from the aero feature the machine is too puny for AP; I tried it and the performance was jerky and totally unusable. The machine is a cheap casual-user machine that's maxed-out as far as cpu and RAM, which is why I bought the Dell in the first place. In trying to find the reason for aero not working in the Dell, I took the hard drive containing Win7 Home (with working aero) and put it in the Dell; aero did not work there so it's not a software issue. Does anyone have any idea how they could have disabled the aero (or DWM) in the hardware of this machine? Thanks
  19. I added the "--no-dwm-warning" to the "target" in the properties window, and when I try to open AP I get AP's Crash Reporter that asks if I want to send a report. I'm using Win7 Pro on a Dell Optiplex 9010 with an i7 and 16 GB of RAM.
  20. John, you say you pointed AP to the right directory. Can you tell me what that directory is? Thanks
  21. I've read all (as far as I know) the posts about Windows 7 and Aero and they talk about Aero being required for the beta. I think one of them talked about the Aero requirement being removed after the beta but I'm using the trial version and it still requires Aero and won't start up. Am I stuck with this?
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