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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - RC3)

    Hi guys. This beta won't install on my Late 2012 Mac mini running 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. I can extract the app from the zip, but when I right-click open, the icon appears for a fraction of a second on the Dock, then nothing further happens. Some of the previous 1.7 betas would install, but none of them would start. If the answer is sorry, we're unable to support an old OSX version, that's fair enough, at least I will know, and will stop trying until I can sort out a move to the latest MacOS. Use of Lightroom 4 and DxO Optics Pro 9 is why I am still on 10.8.5. Thanks, Richie
  2. Hi Andy. This version isn't working on OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.5. On launch, the icon very briefly appears on the dock and then disappears again. Nothing else happens. I have a late 2012 Mac Mini. Pretty clean install, just a few apps. Would appreciate a resolution in the next beta. Older software, eg Lightroom 4 and DxO Optics Pro 9 is why I'm still on 10.8.5. Richie

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