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  1. Thanks for the reply Dan C. I tried the Zooming out as you suggested which works apart from I have to zoom too far out and cannot see enough of my work. I will have to wait for this feature to be added (hopefully) in the future.
  2. I notice that the cursor changes from a circle to a cross when the brush size is smaller. The cross has no centre mark so is not very precise when trying to join on to an existing line. Is there any way to stay with the circle cursor all the way down to 1 pixel size at which time it would probably be a dot. Or if not could it have a dot in middle of cross to show exact contact point.
  3. Without prejudice. I only put my findings on here at the time because Technical Support asked me to and they were the ones who were asking me about certain software I had installed. I did forward them a copy of the screenshot I took and here it is.
  4. Unfortunately (or not) I cannot get it to error now. I did remove all iobit software from my pc so maybe that was the problem.
  5. Hi Mark, I downloaded both beta's. I uninstalled my original software and installed the beta's. I tried clicking on both desktop icons and got the same errors. Run as admin solved the problem as before.
  6. I started having this same error yesterday. Checked for the RivaTunerStatistics software and not got that on my PC. Whilst trying to figure it out I stumbled on this. If I right click on the desktop Icon and choose "run as administrator" the software starts normally. Have a go and let me know if it worked for you. If this does work you can change the properties so it starts by just clicking on the icon. Right click on the desktop icon and choose properties, advanced and check the run as administrator box and save. Now it should work by just clicking your desktop icon as normal.
  7. Sorry, I should have said I have the latest Designer Trial No other software running apart from update stuff for browsers, anti virus etc. I have attached the last crash file as requested. f6ad86c3-29c1-45a1-985b-56276a88e915.dmp
  8. I am having a little problem with the software crashing on opening. I have dual monitors on a windows 10 PC with system and drivers all up to date. If I start the software up on my main screen everything is ok. But if after starting I drag it to my second screen and shut down the software and re-open it, it crashes with the error " An Unhandled Exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. The crash reporter will be displayed after the application exits. Code 0x80004003" . I have tried changing monitor over and over again and still get the same result. It works on the main monitor but crashes on the secondary.
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