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  1. But shouldn't it be a simple task to perform a search and replace operation across all codes, adding the numpad enter key as a second alternative – or better still, leaving it up to users to decide which universal key can be used instead? After all, this is also possible with X other operations, tools and functions to set up yourself. I'm sure it won't be that easy, but still … hm.
  2. Ah yes! This actually works! And since V2 you don't even have to switch to the Designer Persona to use the Select Same/Select Objects feature! The nice thing is you can even deselect single images you want to keep, that's great!
  3. Sorry, actually the solution does in fact not work that easily. I overlooked yesterday that you only have one page in the document – it works great for that. But I have a docuemtn where I continuously duplicate one of the previous sides and then adjust the picture frames – unfortunately they often contain the previous pictures. Unfortunately, these then appear bundled in the resource manager, so that your workaround no longer works properly. A workaround for the workaround would be to load the side into a separate document, but to be honest that is too tedious for me. There must be another way to do this, or am I making a general error in my approach? Is there an option to de-bundle the images in the resource manager? I have created an example document:TEST.afpub Just noticed while uploading that the images are pretty huge. Oh well.
  4. Hey all, Is there any way to recognise/use the enter key on the numeric keypad as a »regular« enter key? I can't get it mapped as I don't even know where I would set it under the shortcuts. But I would find it incredibly more intuitive this way than having to reach across half the keyboard afterwards to confirm (or alternatively use the mouse to find the appropriate button to confirm) after entering values in a transform process. I noticed this especially during the cropping process with the cropping tool in Photo. I would like to confirm the process, but the numeric keypad enter key is not assigned at all and only gets the error tone. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to set this up, if that's even possible? And if not: well, why hasn't that been an option for a long time? I couldn't be the only one who was bothered by this, could I? 😅 Cheers!
  5. I have tried the following, but to no avail: Mentioned Workaround in Publisher V2 (latest release) – »Failed to open document« (corrupt file) notification, no further options, document failed to load. Mentioned Workaround in Publisher V1 (latest release) – »Failed to open document« (corrupt file) notification, no further options, document failed to load. Simply opening the file in Publisher V2 (latest release) – 1. Opening legacy document notification followed by 2. »Failed to open document« (corrupt file) notification, document failed to load. Simply opening the file in Publisher V1 (latest release) – »Failed to open document« (corrupt file) notification, no further options, document failed to load.
  6. I just tried MikeTO's workaround and still get the Links Removed Notification, even after resaving. But the document itself can be opened and salvaged, which was not possible before.
  7. Great workaround on how to save files that cannot be opened otherwise – saving this and hoping that I never have to use it. Though in this case I also still get the message discussed in the Links Removed Notification-thread, even after saving it.
  8. Haha, sorry, I was a bit slow in the head yesterday. 🥴 But yeah, that's it! Or well, the combination of both actions? See below! At least it’s working now. 😁 I just quit Designer, quit Rectangle (in addition to clearing the history) and restarted Designer. Ét voila - it works! I don't know why this only affects Designer. Even stranger: I quit Designer again, started Rectangle again, started Designer again and now it also works. Edit: Since I saved the mru.dat file previously I tested in my lunchbreak: It’s the recent history that made it buggy, so its infact unrelated to the Rectangle window manager!
  9. Hey @MikeTO, can you elaborate on this? Do you mean the Rectangle Tool? I don't have any document open when I try this, so there actually isn't an active tool in this sense. I just reopened Designer when trying this. So I think the potential selected tool and the error are not adjacent. But interesting take! Or are you talking about something else? Unfortunately, deleting the history of the most recently used documents did not help either. I have only just started with V2, so the documents in my screenshot are all the documents I have opened/used so far – actually not that many I should think. But it was worth a try.
  10. Hey all, I noticed today that seemingly exclusively in Affinity Designer, maximising or changing the size of the dialogue causes problems with the UI on recently used files: First of all, zooming in/maximising is barely possible. It seems to be bugged somehow, because zooming in/out doesn't really work and only in very small steps. Maximising with the window options in the top left and another app that allows managing any apps and windows under Mac (Rectangle) results in this appearance (notice the search bar, misaligned title as well as scrollbar and bottom bar/buttons and files😞 In Photo and Publisher the appearance works without any problems: Can anyone confirm this, or am I the only one with this issue? Cheers and thanks!
  11. What, why has this feature been removed – without replacement – from the menu bar? It's not like it's made room for another button now, it's just disappeared. 😥 I find the way to navigate via a context menu very inconvenient, because instead of clicking only twice to switch between the two views, you need at least four clicks and you can't immediately switch back and forth between the two. This is a very unfortunate and, for me, incomprehensible decision. Can Affinity staff provide an explanation as to what led to this decision? The only reason I can think of would be that another icon would have to be updated, but I can't imagine that this is actually the reason. Edit: I revise my comment by 70%: I have seen that Cycle Selection Box has now been assigned to a shortcut – this is of course super helpful and I could imagine that this is also the reason why the button has disappeared. Nevertheless, I could imagine that many people will miss the button. For me, though, the shortcut solution works great. 😉
  12. Well, we are at V2 and it is still not possible to rearrange the styles afterwards? Or am I missing something? 🥲
  13. I strongly anticipate that it will eventually happen. It just makes sense, now that the apps can already open and interpret CAD formats. 🤞
  14. Hey everyone, hey @Helmar and @Jon P, I have just tested this with my file. After I opened it, getting the pop-up window and saving the file as V2, the pop-up window does not appear a second time. However, I am still not sure – but would definitely like to know – what actually caused the problem and how it was fixed by the app.
  15. Oh, I certainly hope so! I mean, it's nice to be able to quickly measure a line – but it would be handy if you could add more and maybe, have them stay on the screen or even make them convertable. Maybe they could even add angle and radius measuring tools, that would be so great! 🤞
  16. Oh, thanks for pointing this out, I wasn't aware we finally got .EXE-versions of the apps – nice!
  17. I just updated all the apps to macOS Ventura and after a fortunately quick in-app-download. But after that it took unexpectedly long to extract, so I thought I was waiting in vain and killed the apps a couple of times to restart. Probably I wasn't patient enough, because after the third time I noticed the bar actually moves … just … real … slow for the first minute or so. 🥱 After that it installed in <10 minutes.
  18. Hey everyone! I was just wondering if there is an easy way or option to unpopulate/remove all placed pictures/resources from a previously defined selection of Picture Frames. Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction? And if the option doesn't exist: Would this be a feature that would be handy for others as well? Or is it just me? 🥲 Edit: My current method (or the only official method?) since I was faced with a similar problem a few months ago is to use the Move Tool, double-click on the Picture Frame in question and hit delete. However, you have to be careful not to accidentally move the picture frame in the process. Alternatively, you could select them in the Layers Palette. But these methods certainly are not the most efficient, are they? Thanks! (Before anyone mentions Master Pages: I use them everywhere they are applicable, but the sizes of the picture frames in my current document vary too much from page to page for Master Pages to help in this case.) 😉
  19. Yes, that would definitely be a bit better to understand for us users! But »removed« again sounds as if something is actually deleted from my work and I have no way of influencing it, correcting it, or at least tracking it. I have to accept that something is lost, and I don't like that feeling at all. If nothing get's physically (well, digitally) removed, maybe resolved or corrected would be a better term?
  20. Hey @Jon P, thanks for chiming in! Hm, this still sounds vague to me. Can you maybe give an example of what a »broken/corrupt« actually would look like (if it is visible at all) and outline what »clean up« means? Somehow this makes me still feel like I may be losing some of my things for some reason. 😅 I will be in touch if I come across this notification more often in the future. Thanks! Edit: Oh and maybe the notification could also refer/differenciate between what actually happend, for example »X has been cleaned up because of Y.«?
  21. Thank you both for checking. Ah yes, I used some Apple specific fonts I think. 👍 Maybe the Affinity staff will come across this thread and take a look. Fortunately, this time it is not a super important document, but still a very vague and ambiguous notification.
  22. Thanks for checking! Nope, no hyperlinks, just graphical elements. Perhaps it's worth noting that the document was originally a Publisher document and I then passed it over to Designer because what I wanted to do with it makes better use of the tools there. Maybe something went awry during the transfer? Another thing I remember is making a symbol part of another symbol, but without circling it (in the sense of the snake biting its own tail, if you know what I mean), because I can imagine it generating an error, sort of like linking a document into itself. For the time I worked in it, there was no error message yesterday, and I don't think there would be.
  23. Try this, please: Quick_Snap_Dialogue.afdesign It’s the document I used yesterday for my Quick Grid Gutter Pop Up Mock Up (well, that’s a mouthful). Sorry, it’s messy – I swear, that’s actually the reason why I wanted to open it today and clean it up. 😅
  24. @loukash referred to this thread in my last post regarding the Corner Tool. @Ash, I would very, very much appreciate this to be toggleable somewhere in the preferences! 👏 Especially when I'm working with the Corner Tool and need precision because I want/need to try different radii, it is very irritating for me and stops me in my tracks because I have to actively work against the automatic tool selection. I have become so used to the way it worked in previous versions that I currently see no advantage in automatically switching to the Node Tool. Maybe the option to exclude this mechanic from certain tools would be a solution? Cheers!
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