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  1. Hi everyone, From my personal research I couldn't find anything with my problem. If i happened to overlook it, i'd appreciate a link! Having two issues, but they're related: Having problems with the color picker on affinity designer. In photo, color picker works fine. But in designer, it always picks a lighter color for some reason. Even when I get a hex code from my friend, and input it into designer, it always shows a much lighter color. Then when I export, previewing the image shows the same color as in designer (the lighter-than-original color). But when i import it into After Effects, it shows the original color (what the hex code is supposed to be). Or when I try to e-mail it, it shows as the original color as well. Not sure if it's a bug or a setting. But here's what I have in color profile: RBC Color profile: sRBG 32-bit RBG Color profile: SRBG CMYK Color profile: U.S. Web Coated Gray scale color profile: Grayscale D50 LAB color profile: CIELAB D50 Rendering intent: Perceptual I don't know any other way to adjust color settings in this program. But in my google search I can only find a few solutions for Illustrator, which is often to adjust the CMYK setting to RBG. But I don't see that kind of setting change in Designer so I'm not sure what the problem is. I don't recall making any adjustments to the settings, and I want to say I've never had this problem before the latest update (which i postponed until recently). Thanks for your help!
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