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  1. Could I ask please that you stay on topic (Inline Graphics & Anchors) or start a new thread - thank you.
  2. The more I think about this, the more I realise it is not something that can be just put on the list. Until it is included this really is a major and quite fundamental design flaw. I definitely want to purchase AfPub when available (it looks set to be an excellent product), but you can not seriously think about asking people to pay money for it if anchored graphics &c are missing. Even for people to seriously try out the Beta, this is a very off-putting omission. So yes, badly and (I suggest) urgently needed!
  3. Ah, ok. Patience is a virtue ... Thank you, it's at least good to know that it is in hand.
  4. When changing e.g. overall font size, such that the text flows onto different pages, the graphics (and I think, tables &c.) stay on the same page, rather than with the text they should be associated with. There appears to be no way of anchoring them to the text they are connected to. This is painfully tedious for anything except a very short document, and I presume it is an unintended omission, hence the bug report. There was a discussion thread which included references to this ("Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects"), but the thread followed several subjects and I fear that this item may have got lost. (If there is a solution which I have missed, I apologise). However, AfPub is looking set to be very good once complete - thanks.
  5. Yes, that would be very helpful. It would also be nice to be consistent across the range. I'm guessing it will arrive before too long.
  6. Indeed - anchoring graphics and frames to character position or page position, &c is essential. I just spent quite a while looking for it, because I assumed it must be there somewhere, but it seems not. I hope it's on the list of forthcoming attractions. But I am looking forward to the finished product.
  7. Hi Chris, I am expecting to see exactly what you describe. I have made a new, simple file, and testing on that shows that when I change between layers by clicking directly on the "fx" in the layer bar, then everything works. If I change by clicking elsewhere in the layer bar, then some things change, but not the highlight and shadow sections, so the resulting page is a hybrid of the settings for the previous and current pages. The first two screenshots show the result of clicking on "fx" for each layer. The third shows the result of clicking elsewhere in the layer bar. Thanks for your response. Keith.
  8. I added a new layer, and wanted to apply similar Layer Effects to an earlier one. I opened the earlier fx page, checked the settings, and then selected the new layer (in layer manager). SOME of the fx settings changed to represent the new selection, but others did not. It's quite bewildering to work with. I can't find any other similar posts.
  9. I can not find any way to apply a layer effect across multiple linked text frames. It seems that you have to select each frame/layer in turn and set up the effects again. It would be nice in general to be able to copy a layer effect (or set of effects) and apply it to one or more other layers, e.g. via a right-click, but some kind of auto-flow to make effects follow linked frames might be helpful.
  10. " This issue has been logged to be looked into " - Wow, I just feel so much better now. I'm sure you'll sort it, it was just the silence that was hard to put up with. Thank you. PS - apart from this I love the Affinity programs.
  11. This bug has been present in 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, and is still present in I first reported it months ago but had absolutely no response, and the report seems to have dropped off the radar. A couple of weeks ago I added confirmation (above) that it is still present, and gave a simple way to reproduce it. (I am using Win 7 by the way). I seem to have been ignored again. Is anybody reading what I have posted?? Just to know that you've seen it, even if you don't have a fix in view would still make it a lot less frustrating. Thanks.
  12. I have a very similar problem which is still present on Vn 1.6. First print is fine, second shrinks the whole page into the top left quarter (and yes, page size has gone to zero). Happens with three different print drivers (Dell 1320c, Ricoh Aficio, and PDF24), I can reproduce it simply and repeatably by starting AfD, New A4 document, drawing a rectangle to cover most of the page, File/Print Select driver, OK. Now repeat File/Print, DO NOT reselect driver (leave it unchanged). Settings have changed to 0 x 0 mm, preview is blank, but will print in top quarter of page.
  13. Keith.M

    Affinity Designer - 1.5.2

    Print Scale problem (second print): I created a new A4 print project, using all defaults, added a rounded rectangle which covers most of the page, and then printed ok. Immediately doing another print results in the job printing a small version in the top left-hand quarter of the page. Saved and exit. Re-start, open the file again and print - is ok. Second print (and subsequent ones) are small again. Are staff aware of this one?