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  1. Yes, thank you. When any other tool is in use and there's a selection of pixels, isn't it better to show the H & W info rather than just making them "-" wasting space?
  2. It would be really helpful if the Width and Height fields keeps showing the selection's size when mouse button is released. In latest Photo app, when user is making selection while dragging mouse, Info Panel shows size of the selection in W and H fields, but as soon as button is released and selection of pixels is made W and H fields becomes "--". Why not keep showing the size until pixels are deselected? Thanks.
  3. Hi Mark, Sorry about the late reply, was busy with projects And your question, no. Only couple of files, with some high-res images, and one doc with 3 Art Boards for different modes of the app I was working on. I just opened same files again while writing this post, after opening the files, AD doesn't use much CPU when minimized, but when I just selected some items from doc with 3 Art Boards, and deselected, now CPU is usage of AD is ~18% constantly and I can hear CPU fan at medium speed. Switching back to other doc set the CPU usage back to 0%. There is definitely some bug here, as I've now seen some other users also posted regarding idle CPU usage. Let me know if you need more feedback.
  4. Hello, I'm using latest stable version of AD, and while I minimize and work on my projects in Unity, AD take lots of CPU. See attached screenshot of the task manager. There are only couple of docs open in it, and app was minimized. Kindly look into this issue, as AD keeps my CPU at 70c temperature and fan on high speed until I close AD.
  5. I recnetly bought Affinity Photo and Designer, and been realy happy with my desicion. I love both of the products. I use Unity3D for most of my work, and it have this Assets Store built into it. It have tons of content, extensions, full games, all sort of resources. This thing really helps, and content makers make good money out of this store too. It would be awesome if Affinity products could also have similar store, where content makers can publish pre-built resources, which others can buy and use in their creations. These could be design templates, color packs, icon packs, vector shapes and whole lot of other stuff suppoted by Photo and Designer. Look forward for more great features in new versions :) // chall3ng3r //
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