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    coZ got a reaction from Malauch in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    I recommended your product to several people in architecture/planning. The missing select same feature is essentially for us, as we often work on maps or exported PDF/Dwgs with a lot of lines and polygones.
    Please add this feature and you will attract a lot more users.
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    coZ reacted to B4ttleCat in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    We've been "bearing with you" for quite literally 4 years for a planned feature. This is absurd.
    If I didn't give a rats about Affinity Designer (or Serif in general) I wouldn't be here badgering you, but I do care. It's not only impossible to stop using Adobe products for missing features like this, it's also impossible to genuinely recommend to serious users.
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