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  1. Thanks R C-R, however I've not seen anything in the file menus on Windows that does a similar thing to this. Cheers for the info however.
  2. Hello, Thanks for the swift feedback. The post is from 2014 and the statement " I'm afraid it is not a priority and should not be expected for many years. " is from 2018 so I figure this is still a looooong way off :-/ Is there any way of viewing file details -- specifically file size and filepath location of open files in the Affinity products? Cheers
  3. I have a situation on Affinity Photo / Designer v 1.6.4 where I need to do two fairly basic things that I can't see how to do: 1) I need to use, write and print text layers with a Right - to - Left layout; arabic text. I copy the text I want to use from other documents and paste it into Affinity and regardless of font or other setting the text is desrever . usable not obviously is This . I can not change this. This affects all characters on the text . The copied data works fine and displays correctly on other applications such as text editing software but the text displays the wrong way around on both Affinity Products. How can this be fixed? 2) I wish to look up the File Details , such as edit times, file storage location and filesize of opened documents in both Affinity Photo / Designer but I can't find a way of doing this. I needed to find the storage filepath of the document I was working on (see above) but couldn't find this information on the program. How can this be fixed? Please Note: I have explored search engines and similar Affinity topics on both these issues but have not found any success. I have also looked through all the menu options within the programs also to no success.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I found the move tool was just what I needed but I had been so used to having everything within the scope of the current tool (text) I hadn't actually considered "other" tools to do what needed to be done. So amateur! Anyhow, I'm learning as I go. thanks for the info!
  5. Hello I have photos I add text to, the text tool comes up with the usual floating box, into which I write the text. Awesome. I write and format and style the text as needed, but can't find any way of "moving" the floating element, without resizing it. There's no tooltip for moving -- I can resize the text float dimensions, but this causes me to need to resize the text object such as pulling the top left corner to the point I want to place it before moving the other corners, this causes wrapping and resizing issues it can be tricky to then "recapture" the previously set layout. Am I missing something obvious? I also can't find any online guidance on this topic (hence this post!)
  6. Ahhhh, many thanks for the guide. Really useful seeing the step by step. Cheers Martin
  7. I hadn't realised that, thanks Pixelrain. I can now play with the mesh-warp more properly. :-)
  8. Hello I am unfortunately not a professional designer so my lack of knowledge of the correct name for things is causing my some issues in looking up a solution myself, I hope someone here can give me some pointers. What I'm trying to achieve. I have a photo, I want to shrink the central band of the photo so that the sun / beach huts combine into the central 33% of the photo, to crop the upper sky out and use as a letterbox shaped final banner. Copy and pasting obviously doesn't cut it, as the background should be seemless. Please see attached photo rough guide. I want to condense the central "belt" of the photo. Pulling down the upper parts and maintaining the later parts as is. What I've Tried I have over the years previously used Paint Shop Pro --> Mesh warp (and similar mesh warping tools) to do what I want to do, but in Affinity Photo the mesh warp dosn't appear to be quite what I need. The "Liquify Persona" seems to do (sort of) what I need but it does it in far too unlinear a way. My other idea was to make multiple layers, so a layer for the sun, for the foreground and for the sky and then resize each layer by hand and then put these all back together. This feels inefficient and time consuming. My Questions: -- What is the best approach to do this in Affinity Photo? -- Is this what Mesh warp can do for me? If so, how? I don't see any mesh when I select the tool (even after promoting the background layer) -- If Liquify Persona --> Push is the way to do it, how do I make this push uniformly across the horizontal of the photo? May thanks for your help, and sorry for the newbiness of my query, as I say, once I know what I'm trying to achieve is called I can then research it a bit more specifically. ( original image is 5k x 3.5k px )
  9. Many thanks for your fast feedback, that was all I needed -- I was originally looking for a separate menu function for "rotate...", but now I know where to look. Cheers
  10. I want to rotate a photo in Affinity Photo or in Affinity Deisgner but I seemingly can't rotate a mathematical amount. I can use the Straighten tool, but that is not what I what, I want to be able to say, "hey, this image can rotate clockwise by 5degrees" . I can see the rotate links for 90degree rotations but that's obviously not the same. The straighten tool is very imprecise as it relies on eye rather than any mathematical int or float value (such as 5.75 degrees) Have I missed something obvious? :-/ Cheers Martin
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