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    Now, only this issue is stopping me from switching from Illustrator. With so many points it is not possible to work professionally. I will be very glad if you soon fix this. Thank you
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    Andrey Kovalev reacted to Anon223029 in Slightly messy Expand Stroke   
    Dear Affinity-Team,
    I've been working on a logo font where i use mostly bezier curves to define the look and after that expand to strokes... 
    while I'm used to clean expanded strokes/curves... within Illustrator for instance, in Affinity Designer the created points are quite a lot if not messy?! 
    This is even more problematic (also slows down the app considerably) with SVG/EPS Exports. (see attached files)
    Optimising / simplify curves/strokes could be helpful.. in that case. As well just a better conversation or maybe better conversation control.
    Other than that is the Affinity Designer pretty nice!

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    Andrey Kovalev reacted to retrograde in Slightly messy Expand Stroke   
    Any progress on this MEB? It's a bit of a show stopper for me... and I'm thinking quite a few others.
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