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  1. I think the title says it all. In fact that's the main missing feature I'm waiting for since I use it (since it's available for Windows) because it's the main reason why I can't disregard Photoshop completely yet. I really hope this'll be addressed soon. Kind regards, Tom
  2. I'm really looking forward to interactive canvas rotation (like in Photoshop or Painter) preferably also by a hotkey (e.g.: [R]) in Affinity Photo and Designer. The two (or actually three) commands in the view menu are better than nothing but nonetheless a pain to use. I assigned some hotkeys to the relevant commands for now (rotate left: [PageUp], rotate right: [PageDn], reset rotation [Home]) and that's okay for the time being but I still hope that's just needed as a temporary solution.
  3. Hi Affinity Team, I have a problem with Affinity Photo and it's PSD export. When I use Layer Groups and export the file to PSD the Blend Mode is always set to "Normal" instead of its original set mode ("Transfer" by default). I checked several import export scenarios with Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo and this is definitely an export and not an import problem. Kind regards, Tom
  4. Hi Affinity Team, I have another problem with Affinity Photo and it's PSD export: Text Layers seem always to be rastered at PSD export. I couldn't find a setting where it stays editable. But when I create a PSD in Photoshop with Text Layers they come in as editable Text Layers in Affinity after import as expected. So that's also a PSD export problem in Affinity Photo. Kind regards, Tom