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  1. Thanks Just checked and can see the culprit, must be some pdf's. If a find is missing will the pdfs print OK or do I need to edit PDF Also is it possible when you click the preflight "fix" you get "problem may be in a linked document"? Thanks once again
  2. As you can see from the image the preflight missing font is not showing in the font manager. Be great if it can be added to your fix list thanks Mike
  3. It would be great if you could update "Styles" like you can with "text styles". Having applied one of my Styles to over two hundred images guess what I have to to to change the look ? Yep click apply new style again and again again.....
  4. Thanks for your replies, looks like I just have a learning curve. Been playing with a new document and dummy text and trying to make the equivalent as a CSS approach starting to understand the differences slowwwwwly, would be a good vid tutorial to add to the others at some point. Thanks once again Mike
  5. Just starting with Affinity Publisher AP and find the text style system really complex to get my head around taking around 80% of my project time. I mainly work in web design and use style sheets CSS to control the design, I did expect AP styles to work in a similar way. If there is a suggestion system to vote for improvements, I would add that as this as the most important. I keep deleting and restarted a project to see if I can get the styles to work in a similar way to html but it is a very different animal. I am sure most designers understand CSS so if it was more like standard CSS we would quickly get to grips with AP styles. My 2 cents 🙂 It appears you can import a style file so possibly a good starting file would be useful if the text works in a similar way to html.
  6. Just tried Changing leading assume that is equivalent to Line Height and changing to exactly 12pt or 14pt see no change only 16pt or above shows any difference. Is this me making a mistake or a bug?
  7. Hi All sorry but editing the default paragraph and cannot see any option to edit line height in in "paragraph" or with Suggested "Option+↑ or Option+↓" the spacing option will do nothing or double the line height, what settings does everybody use?
  8. I love the ability to resize an image in Publisher, but I see no way of making sure I do not zoom in too far and reduce the quality of the image. Ideally a warning image is below ideal print quality level. Any ideas on how to keep image quality good greatly appreciated Mike
  9. Just started playing with Publisher and it is looking impressive. I will be using quite a few images and have added border and shadow styles, so created a new style and applied to images as I go but now want to change the style on all that styles images, I can't see any way of doing this. Is it possible or is this one for the wish list ? Thanks Mike
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