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  1. Hi guys, I just watched a video on the perspective filter in live mode. Cool tool which immediatly brings me to these questions . 1. Will this work on any layer ? 2. Can I add text info a layer in AP ? 3. last but surely not least....WHY is this option NOT in Affinity Designer, where it would do the most good to allow you to adjust perspective when placing text onto a picture or is that what AP is all about ? Should I get AP to finally be able to do what I need to do ?
  2. I am slightly amazed that it is still not a part of the program. Every vector based program can do this....even the cheap free ones.... Please make this a priority on the feature list, it is a real turn off for me to not have this option. I believe it does exist in Affinity Photo if I am correct ?
  3. Hey Chris, I am using " Convert" , with " Assign" there is no visual change. Using what appeals the most will likely not show me what to expect from the end-result and that's exactly what I want to see. I want to know what I may expect from the printed version. So anything that can assist me in that can help me get the best picture ready before sending it to the printers.
  4. ...looking for the Affinity Help...

  5. Hi, I am trying to design a pice of print work. For this I have to switch to CYMK. When I add a photo to my design ( which is RGB based ) the app converts it to CYMK leaving flat, dull colors. Yet in the CYMK Dropbox there are various items like US Coated, Japan Coated, Web coated etc. When my design is seelcted to CMYK it defauls to Generic CMYK. ( Dull colors ) Yet when I select any of the other " paper" sorts like Japan or US Coated, the vibrancy of the colors comes back looking like RGB. Hmm...weird... The weirdness continues. When I now swicth back to Generic CYMK , the vibrant colors stay on the screen. So...how " accurate" is this thing ? Attached are the views I get from Generic CYMK and Us Sheetfed Coated ( whatever that is ) See the differences in that ? So what am I to do so my design will look nice and vibrant when printed , not dull and colorless ? Any advice on this bug is highly appreciated. Peter
  6. Hi, May I ask you to expand the block text shaping options with a Shaping Mesh ? Right now block text can not do much and at times there may be situations where you'd have to place text into some sort of 3D shape. See the attachment for a well known application of 3D text. This can be achieved ( like CorelDraw did at least ) by converting the text box into an adjustable mesh. The text inside the mesh would then follow the boundaries of the mesh and thus end up in shaping the whole text. Right now it is possible to adjust the size of the box, size of the whole text and rotate it left and right, but in no way will I be able to put text on a slant surface I have drawn to create a 3D look. Please make this one of the next updates to your software.
  7. HI Today I am facing another export related issue with AD. I have made a design for a customer for a vinyl banner. The banner is supposed to be 250 x 100 cm, so I made the design the same size in AD. I set a custom size of 250 cm wide x 100 cm high and made the design. Now when I want to export it to a PDF for the print shop, I check the export text as curves and also check the raster unsupported items, just to be on the safe side. When I then export the design I get this odd white shape in the middle of my design which seems to be there in almost every format I export. I tried .EPS, .PDF and .SVG and all seem to have one or more issues. I removed AD from my Mac, rebooted it, cleaned out everything related to AD, rebooted again, reinstalled AD, tried again...still the same issues. I really cannot think of anything else to do here and I really need to get this design out today !
  8. HI Leigh, It happens randomly and with various types of documents. Mostly when there are pixel based items in the document as well like a high res photo.
  9. Hi, I have tried to contact you guys, have sent emails and still have not received any support on these matters. Ever since version 1.0 the program keeps crashing on me when I export via Persona's to use the Retina option. I check the X1 and x2 boxes and tell it where to save the export. It will crash each and every time. The only option I have to get anything exported is via the regular export function which does not support retina resolutions. Can you PLEASE fix this or just return me my money, this is getting ridiculously bad in support ! If you want a log of the crash, I will send it after you reply to me ! Regards, A very pissed-off customer
  10. Hi, I have been using version 1.2 but each and every time I want to export something to say .PNG or .JPG the app crashes . This is so annoying that this is still not fixed. I have complained about this before but it still crashes.... Can you PLEASE address these issues ?
  11. Hey Guys, I have been using AD as a tool to do DTP on my mac. Works great but I found something that i'd like to see added: TEMPLATES There are a set of standard templates in the system but I have not found any way to create your own templates. It would be good to have the option to design a document, set it's parameters and any guidelines etc and then save that as a template so the next time you can simply select your own template and start designing., Especially for things like posters, leaflets, brochures and business cards this is highly useful. Regards, Peter Broerse RGBLASER BV
  12. Hi Guys & Gals, Today I updated my Macs to 10.10.3 as this would improve the general behavior under Yosemite and some more things. Just as a gazillion others out there I downloaded and installed the update. Now as I work on my business card in AD and have it nearly finished, I want to see how it will look on paper. Especially handy to see if the sizes I picked for the text is big enough to be readable...kinda obligated for a business card ;). So earlier this week I was able to print out my design and see the card in it's actual size. Now after the 10.10.3 update I see the system go through all the motions...preparing the document, sending it to the printer, communicating with the printer and finishing the job. Nice....but euhm...there is no paper coming out of the printer , the printer queue remains empty, nothing happens at all at the printer-side of this. Only when I export the design to a PDF can I send it to the printer and get an actual print out of it. So to me it seems that 10.10.3 has killed the output from AD to paper somehow, even though - as stated - it goes through the motions, you do not get anything on actual paper. Very weird as nothing has changed her in hardware or network, only the osx update. By the way, I tested this on two systems, a Mac Mini and a MacBook Pro, both same results with the design. ( Can it be something in the design doing this ? ) Anyone else experiencing similar oddities ? Anyone care to suggest an option to solve this.
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