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  1. I have brush issues as well. the brush suddenly stoped to paint...just in one moment, during painting. Now I am not able to use brushes any more...even the basic / default ones. Even with in. a new document. ...brush tool is simply gone ..it happens on macOS 10.14.3, with AD 1.6.1
  2. I have an another issue related to multiple display usage. On MacBook Pro 13" with internal Intel graphic card and a second, non-retina monitor, the document in Affinity Designer 1.5.5 isn't rendered properly. See the attachment... Affinity_Desinger_render_issue.pdf
  3. Yep, 9-slice scaling is a must. It's the last thing that prevents me from switching completely to AD.
  4. In the Export Persona, when I select an object (usually simple objects like ellipses), choosing a preset from the Export Options palette doesn't create the slice...simply nothing happens. If you draw a slice over this object manually, the exported file is empty. I'm forced to delete the object, paste it into a new document and then copy it back to the original. This mostly fixes the bug.
  5. I have also noticed strange behavior with deselecting objects. It appears in relation to nested layers (grouped objects). When I use the "Deselect" function (Cmd-D...btw. why not Cmd-Shift-A?), the currently selected object loses handles, but the corresponding layer in the Layers palette remains highlighted. Whats more, I'm not able to select another objects (just by clicking using the Move Tool). I have to click on the root layer in the palette, then to an empty space between the objects and then on the desired object.
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