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  1. There needs to be a way to export the history of changes into a Macro for use against other pics. It would be a HUGE time-saver to be able to grab the history of all applied edits, save to a Macro, and then re-apply those same "final" changes as a batch job to other pics. Example - I have 20 pics that were all taken at the same time (similar lighting, etc), so they need the same basic treatment at least to begin with. After I'm satisfied with the edits I make to picture #1, I can save, and batch run the other 19. I get that I may be able to do some of this by just running a Macro at the beginning of my editing session, but that's clunky and also through testing doesn't quite allow me to do some things (such as set layer visibility as I work through changes, retain the "before" setting as in an Exposure change, etc).
  2. Although not text based, this is a fairly easy way to do it ( ). I used this, then created a macro to paint it on to the open pic, then I just reposition as needed. It's still clunky and slow, but it does help a little. If you know how to paint to a relative position (say 20 px up and 20 px left of the lower right corner), then we could further automate this by auto-positioning the paint / watermark. I haven't figured that out just yet though (started looking at it today myself) Hope this help! Jason
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