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  1. In previous versions I could use TAB to toggle away the panels and tools - which was useful in full-screen demonstrations or screen recordings .. I could show the full image without tools / UI in the way Now in 1.7 the first TAB takes everything away - great. But TAB again doesn't bring them back and I have to re-enable 3 vows: * view - studio - unhide studio * show tools * show context toolbar and maybe another one when not in full screen mode this toggling is ok , the bug happens when clicking that macOS "green button" window decorator to go full screen ...
  2. @Chris B slight aside but you'll notice the performance is terrible (latency and poor sample rate when painting) - any suggestions on what might be causing it .. ? it doesn't happen on my MacBook Air but does on my 15" MacBook Pro 2015
  3. thanks @Chris B I've found the steps to reproduce it open photo, with tools/bars/tabs normal TAB toggles then on/off edit a doc - eg brush on canvas quit (cmd-Q) when in full screen mode open Photos again and this time there are no toolbars and tab toggle fails video attached - TAB is first shown to work, then failing at 30-36 seconds.. ph.mp4
  4. I've created a Body style for main body text. It is based on Base. I have created a Body_Bullet style for bullet point sections, based on Body. The idea is that Body_Bullet inherits everything from Body and only changes the tab spacing and indent for the bullet point and text start distance. The point of inheriting is that I change Body, I want Body_bullet to inherit those changes automatically. Sadly this isn't happening - I am surely doing something wrong. Changing the Font for Base does cause the font for Body_Bullet to change - so inheritance is working. But for "Leading Override" setting the Body_bullet to "No Change" doesn't seem to inherit the value set manually for Body. In the attached image you can see this see the setting. You can see the parent Body text (A) and the Body_Bullet text (B) which does inherit the typeface but not the leading. What am I doing wrong? Versions are all latest from App Store for Affinity apps and MacOS version.
  5. Hi I'm trying to use Picture Frames and will be needing many (100+) in a document (book). In proper DTP fashion, I'd like to: design only one and then copy it many times, changing the image inside (replace image) have design settings associated with the Frame - eg anchored to text so it flows, centre justified, set size as width with height adjusting to image automatically, size to be set absolutely or as % of frame, border properties eg think grey line around it be able to change these settings in a Style once and have the changes affect all Frame of that type Currently I can't seem to find how to do this. Even copying and pasting a frame seems to place is in the text where the cursor wasn't - and the pinning image shows it linked somewhere other than the cursor position. I'd welcome you thoughts as this is my first big project with AP release. Thanks Image attached shows a "misplaced" picture frame - I can move it manually but that defeats the idea of pasting it into the correct text position in the document.
  6. @thomaso thanks I will try what you suggested from a blank new document
  7. I am using the latest 1.7.2 in latest macOS Clicking back from the normal pages to the master page and then click in a text frame on the master page... led to an unexpected crash I sent the report to Apple which I hope helps you
  8. just a another thing I've found copying and pasting that image frame doesn't work!! I have to add some temporary text before and after the Image Frame and the copy the text sandwiching the Image Frame ad then paste that for the centring paragraph style to work... eek!
  9. thanks for helping - that worked my comment that this is slightly clunky is not aimed at you but rather at the product itself - for @Patrick ConnorPatrick can I suggest that Image frames are improved for future releaes so that can be controlled by proper "styles" ? I think it would really help make AP a much better product
  10. ive created a paragraphs style which is highlighted when select they mage frame - but changes to paragraph options eg "centre justify" don't seem to apply... suggestions very welcome
  11. sigh - the defaults don't seem to be particularly helpful.. I'll keep trying... thanks for your help anyway
  12. I'm really struggling with this - The attacjed screenshot shows the picture frame now in "inline placement mode" not floating ... I used the pointer to move the cursor (blue vertical line) to the empty lien shows in red. Yet the frame is not "in line" and is over existing text ?? The Text Wrap is in "jump" mode and still this is not applying.
  13. thanks - you are correct that lots of additional styles have been picked up I think this is a bug in AP - if you "try new styles option and unset theme again" but don't "click OK" - they don't seem to go away from that big list.... so they accrete as you experiment ..
  14. thanks for trying to help but I'm confused! I DO want all the base text to have the extra leading, so setting it in a paragraph style makes sense.. or am I wrong? I thought character styles were for application to individual works or characters and not entire passages of text? What are the two panel pics you've shown? again - thanks for your patience...
  15. hi 0 I tried the "inline as character" and can't get he picture frame to behave like a centre-justified character ...
  16. for larger projects with 100s of image frames - having styles that apply to picture/image/other frames would be very useful and support the DTO workflow example - I want to use styles so that I can easily change the following features of, perhaps 200 picture frames to which the style has been applies: border colour and width justification - eg centre size - eg % of frame width or absolute inches aspect ratio - set or adjust to image maintaining given width etc..
  17. I seem to have got stuck with a Picture Frame which I can't delete or "unpin" event hough it appears not to be pinned. Selecting from the Layers menu also shows Delete as greyed out. Restarting Affinity Publisher and reloading the file doesn't help.. I've noticed this frame has no "pin" int the text.
  18. is this the wrong way to compose a page? should my page items be outside the layer named "Master A"?
  19. Thanks @carl123 I wonder if AP should make it difficult / impossible to accidentally change the Master Page design from normal pages.. that seems like a good design principles and key to DTP imho.
  20. thanks @carl123 - that worked - bt could you explain what happened and why? that frame isn't a master page frame...?
  21. in the style editor under "position and transform" "Leading Override" for the Body style
  22. Thanks - this is helpful. I am dreading dealing with Apple - they are a real barrier to fixing issues....
  23. Hi I've used Affinity Photo and Designer for over 2 years now. I regularly use the Quicktime scene recorder to make videos. Performance of the Wacom Tablet has never been amazing - high latency and low sampling rate - which makes the drawing experience less realistic. But it was tolerable. However - since Affinity went to v 1.7 performance has really dropped. It may have nothing to do with Affinity but I think it does. I've kept the OS updated at all times and no update has really caused a major performance drop elsewhere. I've kept up to date with Wacom drivers too. I get my Affinity from the Apple Store and update whenever it notifies me. Here's a recent video of poor performance and the Wacom diagnostics running: https://twitter.com/rzeta0/status/1155854116201095168 Here is a slightly older video taken a few months ago: https://twitter.com/rzeta0/status/1152993266519937024 Has anyone else had similar problems? I'm using a MacBook Pro 15" 2015 16G RAM and i7 processor .. so not a slow machine. The Wacom tablet is the Intuos Pen Small model number CTL-480. We also have a bigger Intuos Pro and that also has the same issues but not with other software. I have noticed the problem is much worse when scree recording than not - but this was not a problem before.