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  1. Thanks @loukash and @walt.farrell - I will look up "global colours" I wonder why Affinity on Twitter seemed to think it was not possible? https://twitter.com/affinitybyserif/status/1612382283796717571
  2. It would be very useful to have the idea of "named colours". The idea is that colours are used throughout a project (or separate projects?) and when the named colour is changed, all the uses of the that colour are updated. Think of "styles" but for colours. This would really help with professional / non-simple workflows.
  3. Hi Both Windows and MacOS come with a basic selection of quality typefaces. Installing software like MS Office can also add additional well-designed typefaces. When doing design projects, often you want to experiment with typefaces that are not in that basic set. To be clear, experimenting means trying to find the right one, where you don't already know what you want (and can purchase from a font site). Are there recommended starter packs of typefaces which are (1) diverse in style, and (2) properly designed, (3) not too expensive? What do other designers do?
  4. thanks @loukash hopefully this report adds additional useful information eg it works on Ventura but not Monterey which might help locate the bug.
  5. My wife is trialling Photo 2.0.3 on MacOS 12 latest, not 13. When resizing documents the text field input is messed up. Intending to type 2500, after the 2 is pressed then 5 seems to remove the 2. See video attached. This is repeatable including after power cycling the iMac M1. I notice this problem doesn't happen to me on my MBP M1 with Photo 2.0.3 but MacOS 13.1 on the very same image file. PXL_20221222_150544064.mp4
  6. 1. your test team actually passed this as being of sufficient quality for release? 2. your own team told me that was the cause - on this forum I think, months ago. 3. your reply is not an excuse nor an explanation - how do so many other apps (including Photoshop which checks home for licensing) manage? 4. I suggest a less obstinate attitude, many of us supported Affinity and bought your apps, making it the commercial success it is today. Despite the flaws, we promote your products to our networks, professional and social. We pay your wages.
  7. Attached is video evidence showing Affinity Photo 2 taking about 20 seconds to start on an M1 Max with 24 gpu cores, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD and MacOS 13.0.1. This issue applies to all the Affinity Apps, Designer and Publisher. This issue has been reported for over 2 years now with no resolution. In contrast Photoshop trial takes less than 2 seconds. -- Ages ago Affinity admitted the issue was due to an embedded web engine in the apps which is used to support online user profiles. This is bad architecture. There is no need to bloat the apps with a "web engine". Users can go online to manage their profiles. Screen Recording 2022-12-02 at 19.18.35.mov
  8. Thanks I will try that. If the default behaviour is not useful then surely it is a candidate for being listed as a bug and fixed. Is there a use that I'm not aware of?
  9. hi @carl123 - yes, some of the objects in the group have been rotated. Now that you mention it, I have seen this many times and thought it was a random glitch, but iirrc there were rotated objects. Can I turn this behaviour off? If not I think this is a bug because: the bounding box is clearly wrong using the bounding box for alignment doesn't work anymore more
  10. I often use the bounding box of objets or groups to align them. I sometimes find the bounding box of groups to be larger than the actual collection of objects. Is this a bug? The attached screenshots show the group selected, illustrating the wrong bounding box ... and the individual objects in the group, showing the correct bounding box. (I'm using the latest Apple Store Designer 1.10.4 on the latest MacOS 12.1)
  11. Why doe Affinity Photo (and probably Design) need permissions to record the screen? The macOS permission request popped up on a re-installed app after I used the palette colour picker. I granted the permission, but noticed the colour had been picked up before I had granted the permission so it didn't really need it. I'd like to revoke that permission - what will go wrong?
  12. I realise not all users will find this useful, but many of us use Affinity - especially Designer - to create diagrams for scientific publications (books, papers, blogs, videos). It would be amazing to have the ability to include LaTEX typeset formulae. The typesetting quality of decades old TeX is still far higher than anything Microsoft or Google can do today (and perhaps even Affinity Publisher, I haven't checked). The capability doesn't have to be for laying out paragraphs and pages of text .. but just snippets of formulae and labels to be included in Diagrams or in existing body text. I understand the licensing of TeX and the standard typefaces (such as Computer Modern) are permissive and allow inclusion in proprietary products. A LaTEX backend can be quite huge, but very small versions exist designed to be used as embedded software. Notice that it has been possible for web pages to include LaTEX-liek typesetting using javascript libraries such as MathJAX .. so if a lightweight web page can do it .. surely a full-fat application like Affinity can do it. Images attached show comparisons of typesetting mathematical formulae (Microsoft top left, Google Docs top right, LaTex bottom).
  13. One of he disappointments with Photo is that it comes with no creative filters (like the brushes...) The ones it does come with are so basic and about the state of the art of 1995. Today people are used to free and powerful filters available in smartphone/tablet apps - and crucially, the quality is impressively high. I would encourage Affinity to develop (or licence) artistic "brush/paint/pencil" filters of this quality: https://fotosketcher.com/fotosketcher-gallery/ the example below are based on photos I took myself and applied fotosketcher a few years ago...
  14. I know this request has been made regularly going back years. What is the latest from Affinity on a bitmap to vector tracer. I would request Affinity look at this online tool https://www.vectorizer.io because it demonstrates both simplicity of use, but also providing a good amount of customisation of the tracing process.
  15. ... so how is progress on the often requested pixel-to-vector tracing capability?
  16. @loukash - I didn't realise each app was downloading the content separately for itself.. that's a terrible design/bug if true.
  17. This is a requires to move the "user account" management functions that appeared in recent Affinity suite products to a separate app. There are 3 reasons for this: Reduce the bloat on the core apps and keep them focussed on content creation. Currently the extra "weight" of this functionality is borne by all the apps, which is inefficient, especially if you have 2 or 3 running at the same time, and very especially if you don't want that functionality. Logically a user account and product purchase management facility should be separate. We then have the choice whether to use it or not. It reduces the technical risk. We've been suffering from a disastrous 30 second startup time due to an embedded "web rendering component" in the apps. User account management should never be allowed to bring down the entire app, nor should it even be linked to content creation. That is separate from the very poor choice to "embed a browser" which is both lazy and a security risk. ( On that last point, how did the apps get past testing with a 30 second startup? If it was identified, those changes should have been reversed. )
  18. the user account functions should be moved to a separate app - they are added weight and bloat on the actual core tools and the "web" component should be removed, and native UI components should be used to display content sorry but this is basic software design
  19. Ive said it before, Affinity should be much much more open about how it develops its tools - it would benefit, and avoid massive bloopers.
  20. those function can be shoved into a separate app which is optional to use - and not burden added to every creative app
  21. Thanks again. From a technology perspective, having an embedded "web browser" seems like a bad idea, from both an efficiency perspective but also a security perspective. In my experience it was always lazy developers who opted for a 'embed web control' in a supposedly native app. If I was in charge of development I would demand it be ripped out and done properly. Affinity has developed a good reputation for modern, efficient native apps - in contrast to others who have 30 years of legacy code to deal with, or terrible apps which run on 'cross platform' technologies like Delphi. Please don't go down this route.
  22. Hey Patrick We can do without the welcome screen and the "my account" thing. It is bloat that no-one asked for Keep that content on your online website, not in the app. If you cut then out you would have no complaints, and a leaner app. It is rather depressing to hear in-app-adverts are the cause of this.
  23. thanks. Why is a supposed native MacOS app using JIT compilation? Seems a little odd. Would love to know if there are valid reasons...
  24. If Affinity were more publicly open about their bugs and prioritisation list that would be super helpful. It is 2021, the era of open source collaboration and transparency, ... and we can be better than Adobe!
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