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  1. Azizur Rahman

    Affinity Installation issue

    Jeff thank for support, I already give up, i will request for refund and purchase for mac. Thank for support, I try almost 10 install and uninstall. Thank
  2. Azizur Rahman

    Introduce Yourself

    hello I am Azizur from Malaysia
  3. Azizur Rahman

    Affinity Installation issue

    Dear, thanks for reply I already try .Net 4.6.2 offline installer, Installation in Windows is done, restart PC, update up to 40%. installation rollback. Still fail to install .Net 4.6.2. I got no idea at all.
  4. Azizur Rahman

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello. I am Azizur from Malaysia, So happy to purchase Affinity for Windows, but still cannot run due to .Net rollbck.
  5. Dear, I am Azizur. I just purchase Affinity for windows last 2 days. I install Affinity, and required .net Framework 4.6.2, and auto install with Affinity. The issue is after completed installation PC restart and continue update system, but .Net framework 4.6.2 installation rollback, PC restart with no .Net framework. and Affinity will not run. What I has done, 1. install all update 2. I download from Microsoft.Net 4.6.1 install unsuccessful, 3. I clean my PC using CLeanMyPC 4. Than install .Net 4.6.1, successful. But Affinity cannot run 5. I download from Microsoft .Net 4.6.2 install successful, but Affinity still cannot run 6. Uninstall Affinity, and reinstall and done, restart pc system update running, then .Net installation rollback. try to run Affinity still cannot run. kindly support me Thaks

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