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    Polygonal Fly

    Thanks! They do :] She works in an animal research lab so she really appreciated it. :)
  2. sltfatf

    Polygonal Fly

    Converted a low-res image into a hi-res wallpaper (using lots of triangles!) as a gift for my partner :] (Obviously made it wallpaper sized, these are just display-sized).
  3. sltfatf

    My first post and first serious work

    Looks really good! Both are very informative as well. Side note, but the newsletter pop-up's X button has a missing image sign instead of an X.
  4. Hi, I've been using AD for the past two weeks and I am very impressed so far. It ran smoothly for the first portion of my using it, but then it started freezing when I try to copy a layer and I have to force quit AD every once in awhile. I'm not sure what's causing this issue since it seems to happen quite randomly -- I can copy/paste layers most of the time just fine, but there's no warning to when the freeze happens.

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