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  1. Hi, i know this topic was already suggested elsewhere, however devs never answered any of these threads, nor commented on this feature at all. So here we go again. I work as a UI designer, which mostly includes web design. Therefore I need a way to share my work with non-designer programmers. Not just exports but other stuff like typography, dimensions, margins etc. Other software integrates with services like Avocode or Zeplin (namely Photoshop, Sketch). This makes Affinity much less useful for web designer as I am pressed to hand all the information over to web developers. So I would like to know whether Serif devs plan to include such integration or release its own solution. This is an essential feature for designers like me and very long time overdue. Please, Serif, comment on this finally.
  2. I love when I randomly go to the forums and there is a new major new beta release available. Wish my top priority feature would be introduced - text exported as text in PSD export - but hey, I take it as it is.
  3. Hey, Have been using Affinity for two years now and I never looked back after using Sketch and Photoshop. However I work in a big company now and I have a serious issues with exporting design for other people. Coders usually export project exported in PSD, they can also work with Sketch files (with Avocode and such). However PSD export is pretty useless since AD exports text as a bitmap and Avocode support is nowhere to be seen. The only way for me is to export all elements for the projects and put notes to every text aresa so coders know the font size/color/weight, which is very time consuming. Please help me out here, I would love to advocade AD to other colleagues but luck of proper export for coders to use holds the app back big time. I would be really sad if I needed to switch back to other apps just because of this. Mike
  4. Could devs react to this thread please? It is quite essential issue, devs pressuring me to switch to Photoshop which is the last thing I would want. Help me out here...
  5. Mikeintosh

    Copy and Paste Crash

    I have the very same problem and it poison my work for a while, lost some of my progress because of it because the app didn’t even restore. Did the same thing, tried to cut and copy, got a beachball and app was not responding since.
  6. Also I have the same Issue when my Mac goes to sleep (usually when I close the lid). Had this problem since 1.5.1
  7. Hi Serif team, I am currently in a middle of a transition from Sketch to Affinity Design. As much as I like Sketch, AD is quite superior and feels like a real proffesional tool. I mostly design apps and websites therefore my needs comes from UI design. Still there are some things I lack in Affinity Design and prevents me from using it as a main design tool. 1) Instant measuring distances - in Sketch I can always select any object, hold ALT and hover over any object and I instantly get distances from those objects in pixels. It also works for distances between layers, guides and borders. It works like magic and I really have trouble designing without it as it’s very addictive once you start using it. I know I can draw rectangles but it’s annoing compared to that. Please consider it. 2) duplicating objects with options - there is no easy way to rotate copies of an object in Affinity Designer. Say I have to put 50 copies of a rectangle with rounded edgest around a circle to create a tyre. Or a custom cog I can’t create with the shape preset. Or just simple "create 50 copies of this within selected area". 3) Snapping to full pixels - Snapping to half pixels is usually useless for me in UI design (it results in blurry icons on mobile devices), I need to force snapping to full pixels. 4) Mirrored direction handles – couldn’t find any way to move the direction handles of a nod in a mirrored way. Maybe I am missing something or is this option missing? 5) Eyedropper tool behavior - Whn using eyedropper tool first I have to drag it and once I am done I have to tap the small circle with the selected color to apply it. Why this unnecessary step? In Sketch I can instantly use the color when releasing the cursor. This behavior only slows me down. 6) Object style presets and smart objects - self-explainetory, it makes designing a UI with repeating elements a breeze. Any plans for that? 7) App for previews – you probably need to implement artboards first but it would be nice to preview designs instantly on iOS and/or Android devices. At least you can integrate Skala preview? Sketch app is killer for that. Thank you for considering all this. Besides that AD is perfect app for design and looking forward to use it more. Sketch has so many bugs, limitations and it’s very slow compared to Affinity Designer. Mike
  8. Hi, I tried to do some low-poly-style image while I stumbled upon an unfortunate bug. As you can see on the attached picture, there are gaps between individul triangles. Thought that was just in-app rendering but unfortunately they appear in export as well. I double checked and all overlaping vector points have the same coordinates so there is no possibility it is caused by subpixel misalignment. Please fix it.
  9. Mikeintosh


    Thank you! Actually any distortion (at least freeform) would do. Completely overlooked it in the roadmap. Can’t wait.
  10. Hi, I wanted to ask you if there are plans for a transformation/perspective tool in AD. The current skewing is very limited while Affinity Photo has a spectacular perspective tool. Juggling between apps just for this functions feels like a stretch and adding perspective to a text is quite common thing to do in design. I am just wondering since I don’t see a transformation tool in feature roadmap therefore I want to ask if you indeed plan this feature for AD.
  11. Mikeintosh

    Hole option in all shapes

    Thanks for that information, completely overlooked it. Anyway I think the inner outline and expanding curve is the way to go with the hole thing
  12. Mikeintosh

    Cutting corners of outlined shape

    Oh, I completely overlooked that option, thanks!
  13. When I draw a shape, say triangle, and use outline, corners get cut off (see image). I expect those corners to be sharp unless I have different type of corners set. This issue is present both in stable version and beta. Quite a dealbreaker for me.
  14. Mikeintosh

    Hole option in all shapes

    I see. I usually use inner outline and then expand the stroke. But since there is a problem with corners being cut I get your point.
  15. Mikeintosh

    Hole option in all shapes

    Why not just substracting a circle from any shape?
  16. Hi, any plans for better pattern support? Especially pattern overlay layer style? I would welcome some way to store and organize patterns same way I can organize brushes. But most importantly I would be able to work with PSDs with pattern overlay. In current version those just won’t show up in AD so I cannot work with some PSDs properly.
  17. I have noticed some weird issue with document edges. Basically say when I have a rectangle edge to edge at the bottom or top, it appers it is not alligned with edges. AD creates some weird gap in various zoom levels left and right. It looks like a rendering issue. Please see attached image. It is really aligned to the edge, I double checked.
  18. Hey, I encoutered some very nasty bug(s) related probably to graphic tablets. I am using Wacom Intuos 3 and in Pixel persona it does strange things. I was editing an imported bitmap image with an erase brush. First, when I brought a stylus closer to the tablet (so it activates) AD was randomly switching tools, I usually got from erase brush to move tool or to bucket, just by having a stylus close to the tablet surface. When I started erasing the image, sometimes AD was quite laggy, basically erasing the portion of the screen after I finished my stroke. But usually AD just crashed. I had no problem using mouse though, it happened only with tablet in use. Crash logs attached. AD Crash Reports.zip
  19. Mikeintosh

    Crashing while using Wacom tablet

    I am using 6.3.9-3 (6.3.9f3) because I had problem installing newer versions on Yosemite. I can certainly try the beta. Will report if I see any change.