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    DAM update

    Thanks for your answer It is a pity that you still not have a DAM version. In press photography it is a must to have a dam version with iptc and development tools like Aperture. So Ivdo not like it but I have to switch to Adobe Lightroom. The other DAM versions on the market do still not have the professional possibilities of Aperture. Thanks
  2. Hello I use Affinity photo since a year. I like the look and feel of this app. I read on this forum(2015) that there is coming a DAM version. Is there more information about that version. Since I cannot update Aperture anymore I'm missing several functions like brushes, geometrie functions and a lot more like there are in Lightroom. Thanks
  3. Hello I used Aperture for a long time. A very good dam system. Included with sound recording which is very comfortable when you have a camera with this option. Especially for press photography. Lightroom has also this option. Now I have to switch to another editing application why aperture does not have perspective control and Apple has stopped with this app. So I bought affinity photo. A very good alternative for photoshop. But when you shoot a lot of pictures and have to develop them, I miss digital asset managing in which I can do the most basic development included with IPTC options. So I would be very glad when a DAM version would be developed. I read that this is coming soon. I am waiting. Gerrit

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