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  1. DraconianRain

    Brush Size Not Appearing

    Yeah I had similar last year only now Photoshop doesn't work without windows ink or my custom mapping settings so I have to turn it on and off on the main "for all" settings. But sometimes I forget to turn it off. Only reason I am still using photoshop is for animating gif sprites or importing my old ones to edit them otherwise I'd be done with it completely.
  2. DraconianRain

    Brush Size Not Appearing

    Same but I usually have it turned off, I also forgot I reset my tablet and then forgetting to go and turn it all off again. I have noticed in the last few weeks that windows ink has become an ever increasing issue. Funnily enough, Photoshop now won't work properly without windows ink.
  3. DraconianRain

    Brush Size Not Appearing

    Ok, that was absolutely the problem. I setup a custom setting for my tablet pen to make sure it's off. It also solved my issue of losing all control and drawing just straight lines at any given moment. Pressure sensitivity improved as well after turning off Windows Ink.
  4. DraconianRain

    Brush Size Not Appearing

    That's a really good point. I often have to turn it on and off. I'll make sure it's off and see if it improves.
  5. DraconianRain

    Brush Size Not Appearing

    Both mouse and tablet, inutos pro m 5 and it happened with either. I have used a few but I mostly use OBS. But the issue happens with all of the screen recording apps I've tried, such as Snagit. It's been happening more with OBS since I also do livestreams on sites like Picarto. It's actually still keeps happening sometimes with the most current release of 1.7 but it was also doing it in 1.6 only the cursor disappears completely in 1.7 now if I am specifically using a type of livestreaming recording app like OBS or XSplit. Unfortunately I don't save my videos and I'm not a popular streamer so the sites I stream from also don't save my videos. I will keep it in mind next time and upload a recording of the issue. It seems to happen more if I leave the canvas to do something simple like colour pick, change layers with my stylus or mouse, or even if I change brush. If I am recording the brush reverts either to mouse cursor or fully disappears.
  6. DraconianRain

    Brush Size Not Appearing

    The brush size and cursor remains as the default mouse cursor sometimes or it remains frozen. The issue seems worse if screen recording. Sometimes it starts out correctly but then changing layers or colour reverts it to mouse cursor and it stays as the mouse cursor. The issue does seem to appear more often if screen recording and then specifically, switching to the smudge tool and back again. It doesn't happen as often if not screen recording.