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  1. Yet another bump. Too many accidental budges and the grids aren't flexible enough to use those instead (say I want a 12 column grid inside of the margins of a page, can't do it unless I use very specific grids which don't always fit the design). I'm really liking the tool but find so many missing things that should just simply be integrated already (not to mention finding so many "we're adding this" back from 2015 and still no news of said features.
  2. I definitely support the percentage readjustment. It just makes sense that 10% would always be 10% no matter the artboard size.
  3. This is one of the often used features in Illustrator that I had forgotten about when I jumped into the program. 3 years in and still not on the roadmap. Even Inkscape, which this was supposed to replace can do it. :( +1 To see this critical workflow feature added sooner rather than never.
  4. The dark UI has one huge flaw where it's hard to tell at times whether something is active or not, such as the snapping tool. Sometimes I've had to click it a few times to see which is darker. Why not have it be something that's NOT gray or black? What about a subtle color to highlight or some other effect to show something is on or off? I should be able to glance at the magnet to know what the state is rather than stare at it or click it twice to check. Saw this suggested by others. The Light UI is nice but that doesn't solve the issue in the current theme.
  5. You mean to make stars, and geometric figures? I'm all for it.
  6. Thanks for answering. :D Saw it works as long as it's click & drag. Not quite the same as the other 2 programs but good enough though. :P Didn't expect that to work (groups and all). Cool! Finally saw that option was buried in a right click menu to create spare alpha layers. A bit odd, should be there as a button. Finally saw the fill layer, though it should be in the layers panel as an option, not a rarely seen menu item. Also of note, APhoto read it just fine as a fill layer, but it disappears when saving the PSD and opening in Photoshop. :( GIMP also had it disappear so it's just something to note when switching programs.
  7. I was using the beta and was pretty happy until I started looking for frequently used features from Photoshop at work and GIMP at home. Here's stuff that's missing that would help with productivty: Precision guide-making. You have a "manager" that doesn't let you manage much. It'd be nice to be able to edit the exact position of those guides (Let's say I want to quickly set up guides at 25/50/75% in percent mode or just set specific pixel values to each). Even GIMP's got this! "Pattern" layer style is also quite handy for the same reason as the "Fill" layer. [Edit] Solved or has a workaround: Move selected option for the mouse cursor. It'd be nice to be able to tap a layer and then drag an object around without having stuff that's in the way get selected. PLEASE add the option. Ability to duplicate layers between open files (and in the same position if equal size). Ability to create new alpha channels. It's handy for selections or when 3D texturing to be able to use even the A in RGBA images (or in some special cases, remove one of the channels). "Solid color" layer style like in PS (easier to edit than filling a raster layer with color, plus you needn't worry about resizing). Hopefully none of these are repeats since I didn't see them on the list. Thanks for listening!
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