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    Wireframe Kits

    I just purchased Affiinity and am looking for some wireframe kits to import into the assets panel. I found a lot available for sketch but none for affinity. Does anyone know where to find these?
  2. In photoshop when I had the move tool activated by default i had it set to select layer. In Affinity I cannot seem to find this setting. When clicking on a design it always selects the top level group, but I would much rather have it select the layer I've clicked. Is this possible?
  3. So I'm trying to crop a photo using Affinity designer and it's pretty much impossible to figure out. In Photoshop I grab the crop tool and crop so simple. With affinity I can't figure it out at all. I tried this tutorial but it's not working and is overly complicated for something that should be a simple task. How can I easily crop a photo with affinity designer?
  4. Is there any way when opening a psd file to be able to have text layers editable rather than as pixel data. I receive psd files from designers that I turn into websites and I need to be able to select the text and find out the font name, style, weight etc...
  5. I have a simple logo I created in Designer that when exported to web is not behaving as expected. I expect to be able to recolor it with css rules. i.e. fill:#fff however part of the logo doesn't recolor and Ican't figure out why. Have attached screenshots of the logo in Designer and in the browser. FWIW I'm more web developer than designer.
  6. Hello, I have figured out how to use a pattern fill with a jpg/png but what I want to do is use an SVG pattern to fill and have it repeat and be scalable. What I'm doing is grabbing a pattern from here (web ready) http://www.heropatterns.com/ and placing it into my new web design. However I can't do that with Designer without converting to a png. Is it possible to do what i want? If not, I can convert to png, but I am unable to scale the pattern down. See screenshot where the cogs are oversized compared to the container. In the screenshot I converted the svg to a png and used that as the pattern fill, but it doesn't scale and kind of feels like a hack doing it this way. FWIW, I am new to Designer and design in general.
  7. Thank you, I think I understand.
  8. Hello, I have a designer file with two artboards named 01 Home, 02 detail and when I export the file as a pdf the artboards are not in the order I expect of 01, 02, but instead 02 is first and 01 is second. How can I control the order of pdf pages?
  9. @gdenby That's exactly what I want to do, but I can't figure out how to have the svg repeat as a background and also scale as I want.
  10. Seriously need a way to add numbered and bulleted lists in designer. Using this for web design and I need to show the styles of bullets. Currently not possible on the windows version of AD as far as I can tell.
  11. Hello, I created a text frame and then insert filler text and it looks like this like it's all garbled. I expect that the text should be readable and adjust as I change the size of the frame which I've seen in some youtube tutorials, but that's not what's happening for me. What am I doing wrong? Designer Windows 10
  12. Thank you that worked perfectly
  13. Am posting a new thread as per instructions here. Affinity Photo and Designer both fail for me. I have rebooted, run as administrator and my machine is fully updated. It fails no matter what I do. I then followed the instructions here about logs. I've uploaded both log files to the dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/request/0M6Pei3iziG4FjYAdRa5.
  14. createsean

    Install failed for Designer and Photo

    @- S - Thank you that worked. I had to re-enter my registration key, but I'm all good now.
  15. createsean

    Install failed for Designer and Photo

    I am unable to uninstall manually - it's looking for a file that no longer exists.
  16. createsean

    Install failed for Designer and Photo

    Thank you. Will wait for official Serif support.
  17. createsean

    Install failed for Designer and Photo

    Yes I was running out of space on C drive a few weeks ago so i cleared all of that out.
  18. I have a photo that I'm cropping to a 6:2 ratio which is fine. However when I move the crop tool vertically I can't figure out how to constrain it so it only moves vertically and not horizontally. I would expect holding shift while dragging would restrict movement to one direction only. What happens is that I move it vertically to where I want but inevitably I have shifted 1-2 pixels to the side and now have an white bar on the side after cropping. How can I do what I want?
  19. I still need a ruler
  20. I ended up buying ON1 Photo Raw as my lightroom replacement. It's a really good program and a new update dropped today which I can't wait to checkout.
  21. Yeah, where is the ruler tool?
  22. That's better but still not perfect. Will use this next time I crop and need to move the crop box.

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