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  1. I don't use gestures on the tablet, so I turned the switch that enables them to OFF. So far, the problem seems to have gone away. So, there's a good chance that the problem is related to some interaction between AP and gesture recognition.
  2. I am using Windows Affinity Photo on Windows 10 Pro (1903) on a Dell workstation with 32 GB ECC RAM, a 500 GB SSD, and lots of hard disk space. My graphics tablet is a Wacom Intuos PT M. I updated the driver an hour ago to 6.3.36-1 in an attempt to fix the problem, but no joy. I normally develop my raw files in darktable and export as tiff. When editing the resulting tiff in AP, everything is fine until I use my graphics tablet. Then, maybe after I've used it two or three times on the photo, the drag screen function stops working. When I press the space bar, the hand appears but it doesn't do anything. When I select the hand from the tool panel, the hand appears but it doesn't do anything. The problem has been there a while, but at one point I made it happen a lot less frequently by updating the Wacom driver. My luck seems to have run out, though--the problem appears with both the previous driver and the new one. I cannot test it on AP 1.7.2 because I rely heavily on group masking and that function is broken in 1.7.2, rendering it useless to me. I'd really, really like to get the drag screen functionality back consistently.
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