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  1. I have been trying to move from Photoshop to Affinity Photo.However, when using fonts in an efficiency photo, there were many inconveniences due to the freezing of the program.In this regard, I have asked for a lot of help, but it has not been resolved.When I was uncomfortable, I used Photoshop.Meanwhile, I saw the story of people suffering the same inconvenience in Korea. And I got the idea.First of all, I moved the font related to Hangul in the Windows/Font folder to another place. Then, I created certain conditions, moved them to the Font folder by group, and executed the affinity photo, designer, and publisher.The work is not done yet, but I found a group of font that froze Affinity Photo.So, I put up the first found font here. Affinity Developers, study the characteristics of this font and solve the program's shutdown.I felt during the test that the gabbage collection is not working properly, and I think the exception handling routine is not perfect.The shutdown of the efficiency photo/designer/publisher program is a problem that does not occur in photohop or Capture One Pro, ON1, paint shop pro, Resolve ... * This is written through a translator, so please understand it roughly. * HANBatangExtBB.ttf : appears with -200 error and cannot be uploaded. HANBatangExtBB.ttf HANBatangExtB.ttf HANBatang.ttf HANBatangB.ttf HANBatangExt.ttf HANDotum.ttf HANDotumB.ttf HANDotumExt.ttf 전주완판본_각B.ttf 전주완판본_각L.ttf 전주완판본_각R.ttf 전주완판본_순B.ttf 전주완판본_순L.ttf 전주완판본_순R.ttf
  2. Thank you for your kind guidance. I tried the version you mentioned, but it shows the same results. When I do work on the font, the program freezes. I have purchased photos, designers, and publishers, but I have not been able to use them as a font problem, and I have continuously informed them of the problem, but it is not being solved. I using Photoshop, Capture OnePro, Resolve, ACDSee Ultra. To compare with the font problem of the Affinity product, I installed and tested ON1 Trial, Corel Paintshop Pro Trial, Luminar 4. However, nothing caused the font problem. Also, other applications do not have font problems. Only the 'Affinity application' is causing problems, and also, I'm long-awaited remains unresolved. I have been interested in since the early beta version of 'Affinity Photo'. I am satisfied with the photo editing with Affinity Photo, but I want to throw away program when I need font processing.
  3. If I choose the font family, the program freezes or the program speed slows down to an extent that is not available.This has been a problem since the early version of Affinity Photo. Currently, 1.8 versions of Affinity photo, designer, and publisher all have the same problem.Upload the relevant data as an attachment. If you tell me the information you need to solve this problem, I'll keep you informed. * Due to this screen stop, symptoms of not being able to use the program show the same result in my laptop.(Model # : asus Zenbook UX333F ) I expected the problem to be solved when the version is up.I'm very disappointed that it hasn't been solved yet. I'm waiting for your help. Thank you very much.
  4. 229 fonts are installed.It doesn't cause any problems with Photoshop CS6 and Capture One 20pro and acdsee and ON1.
  5. Please resolve the following issues:< Problem-making Process >1. Importing pictures2. Select TEXT Tool3. Change Font4. Stopping the screen5. Not available(speculation: Font simulation routine bug )* This issue is the same in English / Korean * The only problem with TEXT is Affinity Photo. ------------------------------ Window ver. : Windows 10 Home 64bit. Processor : AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor 3.00 GHz ( no over. ) Memory : 64 GB
  6. I would like to eliminate the functions that are reflected in the document in real time when selecting the font in the text tool. Because, in my case, the screen is frozen. Related posts are below. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41870-freezing-affinity-photo/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37901-freeze-affinity-photo/ ------------------ I am using 295 fonts. These fonts are the default fonts for Windows, the commercial fonts for Microsoft Word, and the commercial word processors such as Hangul Word. Regarding font usage, the symptoms of freezing the Affinity Photo do not occur in Photoshop.
  7. When shooting, I accidentally got some pictures taken with the wrong kelvin value. After several shots, normal shooting has proceeded. As a result, I tried to apply the white balance value of the normal picture to the wrong picture and then asked the question. Is there a way to manually enter the kelvin value as a way to get the white balance value of a picture that does not need to be adjusted?
  8. Thank you. By the way, when I apply WB of my photo that I did not edit to other pictures, the method that you told me does not apply. :(
  9. How can I make the properties ( white balance and etc.) of two files the same?
  10. I'd like shortcuts and favorites in the Open window. :)
  11. Hi ~ I have attached a photo. I have not installed any fonts other than the fonts in the default font and word. How should we solve this problem? thank you . hobbyholic.
  12. 새로운 PC (Ryzen 1700) 새 윈도우 10 64 비트 홈을 설치하세요. MS-Word, Hancom Word 및 더 많은 응용 프로그램. 나 '동결 친화 사진'( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37901-freeze-affinity-photo/ )과 관계를 게시하고 있습니다. 모든 새로운 시스템 섭음 붙어 동향 애 사진. 내 친한 사진 버전은입니다. 증상은 다음과 일. ------------------------------------------- 1. 친밀감 사진 열기 2. 닫기 시작 페이지 3. 새 문서 열기 (900x900px) 4. 예술적 텍스트 도구 선택 5. 문서 위로 드래그 입력이 준비되었습니다. 6. 글꼴 선택 .... 그런 다음 7. 어피 니티 사진 얼기. ------------------------------------------- 첨부 파일을 참조하십시오. 귀하 고맙습니다.
  13. ------------------------------------------- 1. open affinity photo 2. close startup page 3. open new document ( 900px by 900px ) 4. select Artistic Text Tool 5. drag on document and ready to input 6. font selecting .... then 7. FREEZE affinity photo. -------------------------------------------
  14. 1. Does Affinity Photo support multi-core CPU ? 2. Is there no problem using RYZEN system ? thank you ~
  15. I worked with Nikon D810 ( WB : flash ). It is normal to read 'Capture One Pro ( ver 9.3 ) but ... There is a little WB problem reading Affinity Photo . Why would this happen? ( Not Flicker ) thanks.
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