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  1. Glad to hear it! Thanks for looking into this issue - really appreciate the continual improvements to Affinity. Keep up the great work!
  2. markp

    [AP] Lags, freeze and slowness

    Do you happen to use display scaling in Windows? I've found having scaling on anything but 100% causes a major performance hit on my system: thread here
  3. There seems to be an issue with how Affinity Photo handles display scaling in Windows. With scaling applied, there is a severe performance degradation when using tools. I've recreated this on two computers and in both the release version and beta using a 4k monitor under Windows 10 x64. My primary PC is an i7 2700K, 16gb RAM, & GTX 1080 gpu. To most easily reproduce this: - Set Windows Display scaling to 125%. Logging out is not needed to recreate this issue nor has any impact. - Launch AF and open, for example, the Space Dock demo file - With the whole canvas visible, create a new pixel layer on the top of the stack and use the paint brush to quickly scribble around the image. - Note the laggy, stuttering performance of the brush. To compare: - Close AF and set Display scaling to 100%, again logging out is not needed. - Open the same file and repeat the test - Brush tool is now smooth and seamless while painting. Can anyone else recreate this issue? Any ideas on fixing it? display_scale_video.zip EDIT: Added short video clip to demonstrate - first at 125% scaling, then 100%. Note cpu usage difference. Larger display scaling values seem to further increase cpu usage.
  4. Bug or not, the problem of not being able to quickly and easily toggle to a 1:1 view as I can with every other editor I use makes Affinity Photo a nonstarter for me. The program also appears to ignore the compatibility option to "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings", so this can't be worked around by accepting a tiny interface to get proper image display. Seems this software is not for me.
  5. Any movement on this? As a new user, this is easily one of the biggest (and potentially deal-breaking) frustrations I've run into.