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  1. Affinite Photo 1.5 (trial) will not install..claims, FALSELY, Windows 7 SP1 Platform Update not installed. I have twice followed your instructions, downloaded it from Microsoft and when I start to install the update, it stops immediately and says that the update is already installed and will go no further. Help, I would really like to try Photo 1.5 now that it has ''Apply Image" capabilities.
  2. Add my vote in the "Apply Image" suggestion box. In my case however I need it for a very different reason. I take colour pictures for biologists when they need very high colour accuracy and "apply image" allows me to still retain the original detail. I too would clearly love to make the switch from Photoshop to Affinity but lacking the Photoshop form of 'apply image' absolutely prevents me from being able to do so. Please keep up the good work... for the larger serious and professional photographic community really needs this sort of complete alternative.