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  1. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    Hi Dan, sadly it seams that i don`t have that ICC Profile from that time anywhere anymore. that profile was from my callibrated Asus Monitor which i have created with a datacolor spyder pro4, i have uploadet a similar (newer) profile, perhaps this could help. meanwhile i open the "defective Files" with affinity photo on my ipad and save them again. after that i can open them as expected.
  3. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    may i ask if there is there a plan or a solution ?
  4. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    the problem is still the same and as i wrote, i can open the same file from my NAS with Affinity Photo 1.7.2 on my iPad without problems. i have also tried to open theese files from two different usb backup drives also with the same result. at least i belive Dan C is right with his color profile theory but why does it open with version 1.6.5 and on the latest version on iPad?
  5. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    OK, now it gets wreird, i have opened the exact same File (K├╝stennebel) directly from my NAS with Affinity Photo Version 1.7.2 on my iPad and here it works! Tried the same file again with Affinity Photo 1.7.2 on my PC and on my Mac and there i get the above mentined error.
  6. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    Hi Dan, the files are all stored on a QNAP-NAS Storage. Firmware of the NAS is up to Date, Harddisk seams to be fine after a check. I don`t know how many Files are affected, because they all look fine in the explorer, (thumbnails) so i had to open more than 200 files. The obove Files are form 2017, so it could be that i used only one Layer at that time (that was a lazy year) Last step (after saving the files as .afphoto) is allways an export as a .jpeg + .tiff-File. Surprisingly the .jpeg-Fieles are just fine, but the .tif Versions of the above Files where also corrupt. Because i had this problem in the past i export all of my work finally as a .tif File to be (un)save Thanks Ron
  7. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    Hi Dan, thanks a lot for your help! I have uploadet both files now. right now i`m @work, so i don`t have access to the ICC Profile. This could be a Profile of my Monitor which i have calibrated with an Datacolor Spider 4 at that time. Is it possible to open it without an ICC Profile? Display and all other Drivers are up to date!
  8. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    am i the only one with this problem?
  9. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    BTW. the jpeg-File i have creeated at the same time is still fine
  10. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    Next Files: The Thumbnails are just fine, but when i open theese they both look the same
  11. Adrenochrom

    .afphoto File defect

    I have send you a private message
  12. Hi, i had this a few times before: i open an .afphoto-File which worked fine over the years, i can even see the thumbnail of the picture (here in the windows explorer) but when i open it i looks like this: The File Size is still 171 MB, all the layers are gone ;-( I have tried to open it with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on PC and MAC with the above seen result, any ideas please?
  13. I wish I could use the plugins DXO Film Pack 5 and Viewpoint with Affinity Photo. The plug-ins can be integrated and opened, but the image is not transferred to them.
  14. Adrenochrom

    Affinity Photo crashes when launching FilmPack 5

    Yes, the PlugIn Support in Affinity Photo is the only thing which s.... I also tried to use DXO Film Pack 5 with every new Affinity Photo Version with no luck.
  15. Thanks a lot DM1!