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  1. Adrenochrom

    Affinity Photo crashes when launching FilmPack 5

    Yes, the PlugIn Support in Affinity Photo is the only thing which s.... I also tried to use DXO Film Pack 5 with every new Affinity Photo Version with no luck.
  2. Thanks a lot DM1!
  3. Hi DM1, where can i turn them off? i have not downloaded any tutorials or samples. how ever, after creating another blank document + saving and closing now there are "only" 626,8 MB Documents & Data left.
  4. Hi GabrielM, thanks a lot for your answer! Sadly this seams not help. i created a new blank document, saved it and then i closed it, but there are still 1.52 GB Documents & Data.
  5. Hi, i use Affinity Photo on my 2017 iPad Pro. The App itself has an size of 916.6 MB but there are also 1.52 GB of Documents & Data. At this time, i have not one photo on my iPad so i am corious where the 1.52 GB came from and how i can delete this to free some space.
  6. Thanks for the answer, Dan C
  7. Another test on my 11year old mac pro, also no problems here. changing the settings are fast and without lags or screen update blocks. testet on: mojave 10.14.1 mac pro 3.1 (early 2008) 2x xeon quad core cpus (2.8 ghz) 22 gb ram nvidia gtx 680 have you tried to switch the display setting to Metal?
  8. The file you have posted works fine here. changing the live filter settings don`t give me lags or screen updates in blocks. when i change the settings the fans of my GPU are running just a few seconds. testet on: windows 10 intel i7 7700k cpu 32gb ram nvidia gtx 1070 gpu
  9. Thank you very much v-kyr! i was searching on the wrong place for this
  10. Hi, i`m searching for a way to "reset" the foreground and background colors to their defaults (black + white). in many other programs the shortcut "d" will do the trick. i know that i can use my own shortcuts but i cant find a function for this. perhaps i`m to blind to find, so how is the name of this function or is there already a shortcut available?
  11. yes, this should be the best way
  12. Changing the textsize in windows 10 does not have an effect on the affinity gui, i can only change the whole scaling of the screen which affect every application.
  13. you are right, i had a look on my mac (which i don`t use often anymore) and here it is. i think this is a very helpful funktion for people with bad eyes like me, so it would be very nice if this funktion would be available on the windows version as well.
  14. Oh sorry, Schriftgöße - Standatrd = standard (small) Text size Schriftgöße Groß = big Text size
  15. Hi, in earlier versions of affinity photo there was an option to increase the text size, it seams that this option was replaced with the dark and white theme. is this option still available elsewhere? thanks