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  1. I have to second your thoughts! Their talking about a DAM being in development made me buy AP and supporting the company that way. I would hate to start my search for a longterm Aperture switch from scratch...
  2. =RS=

    changing brush size

    I can narrow this buggy behaviour down to the panorama pane when using the "add to source image mask tool"
  3. =RS=

    changing brush size

    Sorry, my bad. This is with AP under OSX 10.11.6
  4. using alt+ctrl+horizontal mouse movement to change my brush size, leaves the blue brush circle with the numbers on screen and hides actual mouse position. Actual mouse position only reappears after clicking somewhere, which might trigger something accidentally.
  5. I would even like to extend this. Can we have the possibility to change brush size with the mouse wheel? Maybe in conjunction with modifiers?
  6. Sad to hear that this "will take a while until that happens". I jumped on the AP wagon just a week ago, not only because a DAM is over a year in development it seems. At least forum posts lead to that conclusion. Using AP as a external editor is no real choice for anyone using RAW, or for everyone wanting a non destructive development. I am still using Aperture but concurrently try to find new ways for working on my photos, as I fear the day Aperture will stop working on my system. So hopefully Affinity is ready to serve that day, and I have not bet on the wrong horse.... best regards
  7. would be great to get this option. My feeling is, that all the writing to the system disk slows down background system processes... regards