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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Appreciate the very complete response. I'll be downloading 1.7.2 shortly.
  2. I'm hoping for some recent information on compatibility of Nik filters with AP 1.7.2 running on a Mac. I've been holding off on updating from AP 1.6 (on Mac Mini running Mojave 10.14.5) since I didn't want to break the Nik filters. I'm using the "old" free version of the Nik Collection previously available from DXO. Will these now work if I upgrade to 1.7.2? Would the Nik filters work in 1.7.2 if I downloaded the newer paid version from DXO? I think its the one called Nik2? I realize it's all been very confusing, due to the many versions of Nik out there. But I'd appreciate any current info on this. So far, the only Nik info I've been able to find on this site dates back to June 2019. Thanks unimportant note - I'm not sure what I did wrong, but CANNOT turn off the unintended double-spacing on this reply
  3. Looking for a quick and simple way to achieve symmetrical use of the pen tool in Affinity Designer. Example/concept: Something like creating a letter "U" with the pen tool: Click for first point at top left of (future) letter, then click-drag horizontally at the bottom center of the U, then last click for the top right. But I want it to be precisely symmetrical, with both top points on the same line and the bottom point in the exact center between them. Is there a quick way to find center? And to align the top points? Perhaps I need to use snap-to-guides or some such? I'm sure there must be some easy way to accomplish this, but I'm just missing it. Been searching the (wonderful!) video tutorials and the help menu, but haven't found an answer yet. Please help, thanks. PS: LOVE the programs you've created. As an old-time heavy Photoshop user (was there for the early battles - started on Macs in 1987 - as we all learned together to adapt to digital from the old exacto paste-up days), came to Affinity Photo first. It's wonderful - all the tools are there (and more!), just having to learn to push different buttons. Now trying to learn Designer and the learning curve is a bit steeper, having been only a peripheral user of Illustrator. Keep up the great work. Quark next?
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