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  1. When creating a new image stack, it appears to be impossible to add multiple photos from the iCloud Photo Library at one time. That makes it extremely tedious to add multiple photos for, say, focus stacking purposes.
  2. Helicon Focus and ZereneStacker can both do it on the same hardware, though both have vomitous user interfaces that I'm trying to move away from. :) Trying with a smaller stack size-- ~60 images -- Affinity tends to crash at about the 50% progress mark.
  3. When focus merging a large # of photos -- more than 100 -- Affinity seems to just kinda stop working after a while. The progress bar stays up, but the UI is otherwise completely non-responsive. I let one focus merge job run for 36 hours; no progress beyond 7-8%. Is there a way to get some more feedback on what has gone wrong? Any diagnostics I can grab to help the team address this issue? Specifics: - Canon 7D Mk II RAW images as source (typically ~20MB each) - 120 - 275 images - Select New Photo Merge - Drag and drop images from Finder into Add dialog macOS Sierra on a 2015 MacBook (Yes, this is not really my first choice for machine to do this on -- I'm traveling).

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