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  1. I've ordered the book and am now wondering if I should order a coffee table from Ikea for it to go on - and see if they arrive together as Yorkshire is in its own universe :D
  2. Hi, I'm Ian. I've been a user of all Serif programs since the days before they had Xs in their version, and when some were issued free on magazines, so at my age I don't know if that should be followed by a :) or a :(. I have also been, and still am, a member of 'the other' forum under a similar name; I note that 'other' forum member are using their same name but I thought it better to start (almost) afresh on this forum. I am (long) retired from my profession as an electrical projects design manager, in lv & mv distribution and my hobbies are photography, animals and their welfare. I purchased both Affinity Photo & Designer yesterday and am looking forward to getting to know and use them both. If I have any concerns it is how many of my 'vast' collection of plug-ins that I have amassed over the years will integrate, or be now needed, with Affinity Photo. I may need the help of the more knowledgeable members of the form on this, you have been 'warned' ;) . Best regards to all members and best wishes to Serif.
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