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  1. Thanks for creating a brilliant solution Serif and to continue to keep improving it. New features look great, and I noticed a little Star maker there also :) Will being able to hold down space bar allow me to move around objects as I create them? Aka. Illustrator, Fireworks etc. Still miss this :) Either way, keep up the great work. Looking forward to Publisher also.
  2. Stephen Voisey

    EPS Colour Profile

    Thanks, I'll get her to try sending a PDF version. Many thanks.
  3. Hi Folks, I have been working with a great illustrator for some bespoke work. She works with Illustrator, and sent me EPS files of the illustrations. When I open them, Affinity Designer reports that the colour profile was missing and it has assigned it one. This is changing the colours quite dramatically. She managed to export an EPS that was converting to an RGB profile I wanted, the very same one as the document. This still has different colours than the PNG version of the same illustration. How is it possible to get the EPS to match the colours of the PNG, bar altering each piece of the illustration manually? Any help, much appreciated. Stephen
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    Cut a Path

    Searched all over for this before coming to the forums. Honestly, needs a video putting together for some of the obvious differences between other tools and Affinity. If one exists, please let me know :)
  5. Hey lovely Serif, Would it be possible to integrate a smarter export option for PNG's that are sliced or otherwise exported. The default export produces some pretty hefty PNG file sizes, and at the moment I'm running them through TinyPNG.com after export. Savings are significant. Typically around 60-75% smaller files. So 200kb retina images are being going down to 50kb with no visibly discernible differences (Although optimisation has taken place) (Examples attached). So there is some loss going on, but it is nothing like the sort we used to see with JPEG compression. I know gulp.js also has the option to integrate a similar compression into its workflow, but either way, I'd like to think that there would be a tick box in the export settings to enable this sort of file size crushing by default from the Affinity apps. Thanks for your time. Stephen