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  1. Hello Is there a way to put arrow ends on a line? I need to do this. I could do it in Serif Drawplus 8 but I can't see arrow options for the ends of lines in the sidebar when I use the pen tool. Thank you
  2. Hello I am used to Serif for Windows. Before I bought Affinity I was using Serif V8. I design sewing patterns that need to be accurately sized. In Serif I could set the grid to 1" with 1/4" subdivisions, and the grid would open on every new document without me having to change anything. I cannot see how to set this in Affinity. Is there a way? I've worked out how to set the grid to the measurements I need, but I cannot see anywhere that I can set this as the default for all new documents. Every time I create a new document the grid is invisible and when I tick it in the dropdown menu it has switched back to automatic and changed the default square size back and I have to reset it from automatic and select the advanced option before I can see my preferred grid style. The only way I can work round this at the moment is to save a document with the grid switched on and set to the defaults I require, and open this and do a save as for any new documents. Surely there must be a better way? Thank you for any help you can give.
  3. But when you import a PDF it doesn't work very well. Everything is an individual object rather than having closed curves. Arrows become split into curves and triangle objects. The text comes in as part image and part text in the wrong font. And if I want to use the grid to move things around or resize the objects, the grid is only sized in pts, not inches and it won't let me change that.
  4. Popple


    Ah OK. Thank you :)
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    The Windows version is being sold. So how is it a Beta test?
  6. You could also create a rectangle filled with the same color as your background and just position this over the offending part of the line to hide it. I have done that sometimes when adding measurements on top of the middle of an arrowed line. It is easier than ensuring two separate arrows line up!
  7. There is a workbook available. It is on the Affinity website. (For some reason it won't let me post the link here). I bought it on offer for £29.99 plus postage. They emailed me after I bought Affinity Designer. The manual is a heavy hardback book with lots of pretty coloured pictures but I have to say the index is singularly unhelpful (e.g. there is no entry for "line" or "lines").
  8. TonyB. I think you are missing the point. I need my lines to be editable as I would need to change one or more parts of the drawings. Does importing from a PDF do that?
  9. Coming from Serif V8 where I had a dropdown box with actual numbers in it for the line width I am finding the sliders for the line widths really hard to use. Is there a way I can save my regularly used line widths as defaults? I only use about 4 line widths for my patterns and this is really slowing down the drawing. Mostly I use a solid black 1.5pt line and a 1pt dashed grey line (I use a grey set at 80,80.80). I would love to be able to set these as defaults. Thank you
  10. Hello I always used the grid in Serif DrawPlus V8. When I created a new document it would open with the grid visible keeping the settings I had set in the tools options dialog. However, with Affinity, when I create a new document it doesn't have the grid visible. When I use the option to show the grid it shows the automatic grid with basic selected, and the grid size is set to 1.004". I have to change it by unchecking the automatic grid, changing to advanced and then every time it has lost my subdivisions and has them set at 1 rather than 4. I need the grid to be set to 1" grid with 1/4" subdivisions. Why I am having to set this every time I make a new document? Surely there must be somewhere in the software to set this as my default? How can I get what I need from this new software? I have checked the manual and the help files. Either I am searching for the wrong topic or this software cannot do what I need it to. Please advise. Thank you for any help you can offer me.
  11. Thank you Alfred. I have done that. But I was hoping for something more permanent as there's always the danger of forgetting to do a save as! Surely this must be something that other users would need too?
  12. Is it possible to make custom line styles and if so how do I do this? I can't find anything in the workbook. I need to create a line that looks like this /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ At the moment I have to do this with the letter V as a text to path. Thank you.
  13. @Patrick - thank you. I realize the software is different. But Serif sells this software as the replacement and sent emails saying that DrawPlus was no longer supported. I was very happy using DrawPlus 8 and it did everything I need it to do to create my sewing patterns. Patterns need a double headed straight arrow to indicate the grain of the fabric. Not having this facility in Affinity is a real problem for me.
  14. Hello I used Serif V8 before I bought Affinity recently. For Serif 8 I had some extra designer brushes that looked like embroidery stitches. Is there any way I can use these in Affinity? Or if the Serif brushes are not compatible, is there an update pack available to purchase that has these brushes? I bought the workbook but I cannot see what I need. The brushes mentioned in there all look like paintbrush strokes or palette knife smears. Thank you
  15. Thank you Alfred. The explanation is really helpful. I can do that. :)
  16. A_B_C - is there a way to have more than one default with your suggestion? It seems that I would have to use both methods to get exactly what I need. Thank you.
  17. Thank you so much! :) You are a superstar!
  18. Sorry but I must have missed something here. I am a Serif Draw Plus V8 user and have just "upgraded" to Affinity. I have hundreds of dpp files that I need to refer to on a daily basis. How would importing a PDF be best when I need to retain the editable drawing?

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