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  1. The settings for printing do not work as one would assume from the titles. I have tried multiple times/versions and still nothing I set up works correctly. What I want to do is to take my document, set it to a specific size in inches then make that print at exactly that size on a piece of photo paper. My printer is an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 with the latest driver installed. I have tried different options and made changes in an attempt to get it to work correctly and wasted a lot of money on high-quality photo paper from 13x19 down to 4x6. What I do is first resize my document using inches - here is an example: I set the size to 16x12 (width/height) and set the print parameters to "document' and then to 'Scale' with Scale set at 100%. I used 13x19 paper as Epson does not sell 12x16 paper. the resulting print is about 12x11. There is essentially no information in the AF Workbook related to printing nor is there any information when I use the AF HELP function nor is there any useful information on the forums that I can find. Is there somewhere I can find the detailed description/instructions on how to set up a document to print the correct size?
  2. The final word is in -- those of us who have been supporters of Serif for years (and in my case have many times recommended Serif products to people as an excellent alternative to the higher-priced and harder-to-use competitors) have been declared redundant. I anxiously await the notification that Serif is no longer providing updates and thereafter is no longer going to support PhotoPlus and DrawPlus. I clearly understand this is a smart and responsible business decision, but typically, companies I have dealt with provide an upgrade path (at a cost of course) so I am surprised and disappointed Serif chose to abandon rather than upgrade.
  3. ARRGGHHHH -- I JUST SPENT A HOUR WRITING A POLITE AND COMPLETE RESPONSE TO THE POSTING THAT SUPPOSEDLY ANSWERED MY PREVIOUS QUESTION. WHEN SELECTED 'ADD REPLY' I GOT AN ERROR AND LOST ALL THAT WORK. APPARENTLY YOU FORUM AUTOMATICALLY SIGNS ONE OUT WITHOUT ANY WARNING OR OPPORTUNITY TO EXTEND. Now a less complete response to Tony B's response to my question. This 'solution' does not address the question asked. I am smart enough to know that I can export my PhotoPlus and DrawPlus photos into any number of formats and import them into Affinity. NONE of these formats preserve the layers so I have to start all over again from scratch if I want to make a modification. So this is not a 'solution' nor an answer to the actual question. I, too, hope that Serif sees this as a deficiency in their thinking and development design and creates a file converter for all elements (layers) of a .spp or .dpp file (even a stand-alone one would be sufficient) so a loyal user of earlier Serif products does not have to start all over again to create a product they already build that is designed to be re-useable and tailor-able.
  4. Can you import files from PhotoPlusx8 or DrawPlusx8 (file formats *.spp and *.dpp) and preserve the layers so they can be used in Affinity? If a direct import is not possible, is there any way to Export from PP8 or DP8 into a format that includes the layers not just the finished image? I read the post that seemed most likely to answer the question but it talked about using programs or features in .TIFF and .PNG I have never heard of and didn't answer this specific question.