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  1. @Eugene Tyson is there any way to have the numbers following by columns and not by row? Thanks
  2. Thanks for both of you. I've ended up filling them manually, but @Eugene Tyson method is a nice choice, so i think i will redo them with this method because next year will be really quick to edit them.
  3. I would like to use a table to make some calendars, and i would like to make some cells move all the others to the right. Example: In the screenshot 1 is on DOM and i would like to start with one for example on QUA. Is there any way? (Tab moves the cursor to the next cell...) Thanks
  4. Sad, please that is one of the features i'm expecting on it...
  5. Data merge is really the most important thing for me! Mostly to make sequencial numbering (If you have a workaround i would like to know) Thanks
  6. Voted for AD this morning too. Hope you guys win this.
  7. @thisldo@Alfred@MEB@Grethe@San65@MaryLou@Hootowl@Lin@dmstraker@Jia@GaseousClay@Tatyana I think you should like to know that i have added 3 more pixel persona brushes to the collection. Please re-download the file in the 1st post. Thanks for your support.
  8. Thanks! Glad you like it! Thanks! Glad you like it!
  9. Hi. I've made some brushes for the upcoming Valentines day and i would like to share them with you all. Please feel free to use them as you like. Commercial use too. They have 5 Draw persona brushes (Designer only) and 4 (Pattern) Pixel Persona Brushes you can use in Photo too. This is the first time i'm sharing something so... Please let me know what do you think. Update 31/01/2018 - 3 New Pixel Persona Brushes added - Please re-download. Thank you all for your kind words! DC Valentines Brushes.zip
  10. You can rename the artboards, just go to layers panel, double click it and rename it. Just have in mind that the artboard on the top layer will be the last page on a pdf.
  11. Thanks. My idea is to style it to my needs and then convert it to curves. That way i can have more control over size and maybe colors.
  12. Nice idea. With this file you have almost the same result, you just need to give it a tab to move the day 1 upfront or delete to move it back. I've created 2 text styles, 1 Weekdays and 1 Numbers. Here you can change the font to your liking and they will be all well centered because it's configured in the tabs space. Have a look. month.afdesign
  13. Well, then give it a try to my file. You will like it You just need to do a tab to move 1 forward or delete the space if you want to move it back.
  14. MikeW, with that file i can manually, with another tab, move all days forward or with delete move all days back. But for better styling i think i would then need to convert them to curves, sunday days with different color, holydays, etc.
  15. Hello @Jose A Have you tried one soft proof adjustment layer? Also on the Document menu you have the ability to assign or convert ICC profile option. Don't know if that helps but it might worth looking.
  16. Thanks @jer but i think i've a little closer for what i want, i'm using the frame text tool and the TAB stops, but i've realized that i need to give one tab before the number 1, not a big deal but it's strange. I can't start at the left of the frame... I'll share the file. I will use AD for now, and with this file i can do all months, then when needed i will convert it to curves and style it. month.afdesign
  17. Do anyone have any tip i could use to build a let's say month calendar template where it would be easy to edit next year? Let's say i have one month ready and the next year all i have to do is to use the tab key or delete key to move all one forward or one back, but i would like to do it by weeks. Example attached. Thanks in advance
  18. I'm having a weird problem regarding printing directly in affinity designer. If i place an image, which have at least 300dpi and print it directly from AD it will be pixelated. If i export it for pdf and print from the pdf to the printer the image is fine. Attached i have 2 examples of that. Am I doing anything wrong? Or it is really a bug? Using 1.5.4 on Mac OS Sierra. It's a little bit annoying the need to export to pdf a document that i will use once. Regardless of that i'm using it for about a month, almost every day and i'm really happy with it. Great work.
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