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  1. Thank you so much for replying. Having had a deeper look in the help files I do feel embarrassed for making such a stupid question. I realize that the simplest way to create a transrparent background around a clip art is to use the flood erase. If you have a more complicated selection you can inverse the selection and make a mask. Örjan
  2. When using clipart and designs it is often essential that the background of an image is transparent. In Affinity Photo there is a stick to make backgrouds transparent, but for this to be really useful one would like to apply it on carefully made selections. I have not found any entry in the help files to assist in this. I hope that some o you experienced users may give me a tip on how to achieve transparent backgrounds of cliparts etc. Thanking you in advance, Örjan Widegren, Sweden
  3. Thank you very much! It will take some time for me to grasp the conceptual distinction between vector mode and raster mode in practical terms, although I know it theoretically well enough. Örjan Widegren
  4. When I bought Affinity Designer I also got a set of five types of DAUB essentials brushes. I have managed to import the first set, DAUB inkers. But when attemting to import the remaining types, they did not show up among the set of brushes, although I got a cheerful message saying tha the brushes have been successfully imported. I also have been able to import Monet oil strokes, but no other brushes which have been submitted to the Affinity forum. Please, what should I do? Örjan Widegren, Växjö, Sweden
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