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    Introduce Yourself

    Oh gosh that was a very welcome 'welcome' ha ha. I will have a really close look at those tutorials and thank you very much for the welcome MEB. Warm regards from Dave.
  2. David Leech

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone. I'm Dave from Norfolk and just starting to try my hand at using Affinity. Been using it in a very amateurish manner and I'm aching to get to grips with using Layers in my pics and improving my photographs with this programme. I'm friendly sort of chap and happy to be of any help to anyone butttttttttttt I'm sure that everyone else's knowledge is far greater than mine using this programme ha ha. So if anyone has any tips or can show me somewhere I can find hints and tips to use it. I'd be very grateful. Take care and warm regards to all.
  3. David Leech

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I'm Dave and just getting interested in photography after retiring as Mental Health Nurse so any help would be gratefully received. Thanks to all