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  1. Oh guys thanks a ton! That Stabilizer was the thing I was waiting for, huge improvement!
  2. I think there is nothing unclear here , I agree this thread can be closed.
  3. I partly agree. But it wasn't so clear what that part "all future updates" really meant, the extent of that. It would be only fair to call Version 2 software that would be substantially new, different, upgraded that it couldn't be done with simple update of the previous version, ex. - to add one more type of gradient or something like that.
  4. Well I thought I was the only one that felt like that. This part was one of the main reasons I decided to buy software, nowhere said it was limited to anything?
  5. Thanks for fast response. Those road map improvements pretty much cover just enough for me to use it for web design but also for printing preps. There are few tools and effects like the ones in AI that would be so useful, especially image tracing, but I hope old customers will have discounts for future new versions :) . I can hardly wait to ditch AI for good. Cheers!
  6. But on the Road Map thread it says: "The idea is the list will never get longer. As we complete and release features then we will replace those features with new ones." I pretty much took that as a never ending updates on the item we bought...
  7. I bought both Affinity Designer and Photo. It didn't cross my mind until I read it somewhere, are we going to pay full price, or to pay at all new versions of both? So what is going to be difference between 1.5 or higher, and 2.0 versions, and what part of the updates are things from Road map changes going to be - updates or new versions? Can mods or admins explain this please
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