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  1. Hi Guys and Dolls What I wanted to do. I have a frame with a pre-cut matt. I wanted the image to be inside the matt with a 1 cm border and a black stroke around the image. What I did in Affinity Photo. Created a new document at the size of the Matt aperture. Filled with white. With my image open on another tab flattened it, right clicked to copy it. I went back to the new white background image, clicked on the background layer and right clicked to paste my image. I then selected my newly pasted image layer, and with the move tool repositioned it on the background leaving a border. From top menu selected arrange - align middle. With the image layer selected go to layer effects outline and select a radius. Looks OK and is now hanging on my wall
  2. Hi I know this answer is not ideal but follow these steps and see if it helps View top menu, Studio, Character, you want to see all fonts and look for Wingdings 3. Starting from the far left of the numbers row on the keyboard ( on a Mac ) start typing and you will hopefully see a series of arrow heads - choose Then from the left toolbar select the pen tool and draw a line that you can resize and nudge over the end of your arrow. Hope that helps where perfection is not necessary