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    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I have received and started to use Affinity Photo Workbook. I am using the Workbook systematically from page 1 and randomly as a resource by searching for sections of interest or uncertainty, as well as via the links in the contributors pages. Affinity Photo is an exceptional photo editing software with options for a comprehensive range of editing, I use both the Macintosh and iPad versions. Important to me is RAW adjustment, exposure stacking (HDR), focus staking (macro) and panorama. The export options are welcome since printing or other exporting often requires size/resolution change, colour format, ICC profile inclusion for my printers and specialty paper. I have used many of the leading software for photography and Affinity Photo is proving to be a universal toolbox. Due to its diverse utility and precision, Affinity Photo is a complex program. The tutorials provide insights and the Workbook gives comprehensive instruction, with many ideas for combinations and pathways for the adjustment tools. I recommend the Affinity Photo Workbook to enhance learning and functionality of this exceptional photo editing software. I will probably be a candidate for Affinity Publisher.