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  1. When wil Affinity Photo for Apple Mac OS (NOT iPhone / iPad) support the HEIC format? This is urgently needed. I bought Affinity Photo as an alternative for PhotoShop but know I feel left in the cold. Just returned from my holiday with over 1000 photos on my iPhone but know ... Please support the HEIC format as soon as possible!
  2. I just searches for this export preview and it is highly appreciated. I yesterday downloaded the trial and a preview when exporting an image that would be a valuable addition. Kind regards.
  3. klaasdj

    AP • Early Morning Birds at the Marsh

    Hello Kodiak, Absolutely astonishing shots especially the one of the swan on photo one. It really reminds me to the commercials of the Dutch KLM back in the nineties: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxo15o4MSxY&t=59s Thanks for sharing this with us. Regards. BTW I just came across Affinity as an alternative for Photoshop and started in this forum to get some feeling about the community. This already is a very good start :-)